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Irish Rockers, The Psychs add to the already vibrant underground music scene in Ireland with their new debut EP ‘The Devils Favourite Son’. Find out more below…

The Psychs have a unique rock sound that pays homage to the gods of rock ‘n roll while adding a modern spin and flavour to the genre.

Influences include but are not limited to: Motörhead , AC/DC, Skid Row, Airbourne, Guns n Roses etc…

Check out their latest single ‘Rock Bottoms Up (Drinking on the Bus) below…

In their short time together as a band, The Psychs have sold out The Soundhouse Dublin (250 people) at their first post-COVID show. They have played venues across Dublin city including Whelan’s, The Grand Social, The Workman’s Cellar, Fibber Magee’s, and a handful of outdoor festivals to date..

These five new tracks that are guaranteed to bring you speeding, white-knuckled into the darkest depths of your mind..

Check out the full EP via the link below:

The Psyches are:

Billy Kid Jones (vocals)

Ben (guitars)

Clampo (bass)

Aaron (drums).

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