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Irish black metallers HORRENDA have revealed the updated cover art and full tracklisting for their highly anticipated debut album, ‘Díoltas’.

Due out July 3th, Díoltas can now be pre-ordered digitally on iTunes and Amazon, as well as being scheduled for Spotify (pre-save here) and on the band’s Bandcamp (here).

This digital release can be pre-ordered online via this location, with an immediate download of the track ”Dian”.

Limited edition bundles (will be released via Bandcamp on the 3rd) and future physical CDs/tapes will be forthcoming in the future.

Díoltas features 10 tracks four years in the making; taking beloved live tracks, material from their past demo releases and brand new compositions and making it into a harsh, heavy black metal tome.

The album was recorded and produced by Josh Sid Robinson at JSR Audio Studios in Belfast, Northern Ireland. It is being released in association with Sudden Strike Records.

Track List:

1. Balor

2. Dian

3. AxeWound

4. Díoltas


6. Doom Tranquility

7. Shot At Dawn

8. Nerve Gas

9. Primordial Knowing

10. Sluagh

Hailing from Dublin, Ireland, Horrenda takes elements from raw black metal, DSBM and death metal to create their unique brand of the genre. Horrenda have earned their reputation with engaging live performances and their impressive array of demos over the years. This is the first full-length release for the band.


Darragh “Outis” O’Connor – Guitars/Bass*, Studio Backing Vocals

Arron “Nomad” O’ Shaughnessy – Lead Vocals

Jason “Cruxx” Melvin – Drums, Percussion

Keith “Donn” Smith – Bass, Effects

Mark “Morrdok” O’Brien – Guitars/Bass*

What the band are saying:

On the album being released now:

Outis: “A lot of roadblocks appeared around this album being released due to the current crisis. We decided, however, that since we cannot play live and things are bleak, let’s get this out there and assure everything that Horrenda will continue and be on stage as soon as we can. We have amazing fans and supporters and this album is for you!.

Morrdok: “Since becoming an official member of the band in February last year, I began to get the grasp of what the band and the music as a whole is about.

The most important thing for us as a band is to have fun and a laugh. Being open-minded to shared suggestions and ideas helped us connect better. The album represents not only the intensity and atmosphere that we as Horrenda developed during the process of the album, but it also represents our team effort and support as a whole band and the journey from the start to the end was incredible.

Donn: “There’s no better time to release the album. Plenty of people are stuck at home and are discovering new music. We have played a lot of these songs for years and they have grown and evolved. So there is a nice mix of old and new.

Photo – Down The Barrel Photography © 2020

On the title and subject matter:

Outis: “With the increased unrest and turmoil in the world day. ‘Dioltas’ is a reflection on that.

Morrdok: “Prepare for the heaviness and intense atmosphere, it’ll leave you on edge! This is just the beginning!”.

Donn: “I like to think we approach our music from a very Irish point of view without the cliché of traditional Irish music. Nomad writes the majority of the lyrics but the themes are always in mind when working on the instrumental part of the music

What’s next after the lockdown?

Outis: “We hope shows will be a thing again soon. But we have a video in the works with Angel Croitor and his team from for our next single ‘AxeWound’. Then we’re looking to go back into the studio for an EP at the end of the year.”

Morrdok: “Our next step after the album generally, is to repeat the cycle of developing new material. Over the last few months, the lockdown has been tough for us, but we managed a system that worked for us and this has yielded a lot of demos. Now we’re looking to get back together in the rehearsal space, and work on those songs and refine them.”

Donn: “We are going to do what we always do. Write new music, play shows and have fun doing it. As long as we enjoy it we will continue to work.

Please see our making-of documentary below;

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