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Irish Metal crew, Hero In Error are back! Overdrive can confirm the bands return with news of new music in the works, featuring Heart of a Coward vocalist, Kaan Tasan fronting the band.

The long-awaited return of the band comes with news of new music which is set to be ready in early 2024.

We caught up with guitarist, Rob Powderly to get the exclusive on the bands decision to make a return, updates on new music and their plans for 2024…

Let’s start with when a decision was made to reform Hero In Error. If you can give a brief breakdown of the catalyst behind the decision and a timeline of when things began to happen that would be great?

ROBWe played a one off show in Cork in November 2019 and then of course 2020 happens. So that pretty much put any plans we had on ice and we all went back to our individual lives.

At some point in 2023 we all individually and collectively came to a realisation that we still have the same passion for this band and playing music together and that reason alone is a good enough one to do it! It all happened very organically and everyone was on board and excited to get going again and we’ve just ran with it. 

With regards to new music, how much has been written to date and do you have any idea  when we can expect to see some new material released?

ROBWe don’t have a definitive answer to that just yet, but we are always writing and there’s tonnes of ideas there. 

Kaan Tasan (Heart of a Coward) is on vocal dutIes for Hero In Error these days, can you tell us how this came to be and what is the history of Kaan and the rest of the band members?

ROBKaan has been a friend of the band since playing shows together with No Consequence back in the early days of the HIE. He’s an incredible vocalist and lyricist who fit the direction and vision of the band perfectly when he came on board in 2016. He gets our humour too which also helps, we’re stoked to have him on board. 

Was there a majority of music already written prior to Kaan’s involvement, or do you all collectively write and submit ideas?

ROBHero… has always been a collective and collaborative vision and everyone contributes in their unique ways to the songs every step of the way and shares ideas and suggestions on a track-by-track basis to achieve that vision. It’s always about making ourselves happy first and creating the best songs possible.

Are there plans for live shows in the near future both in Ireland and the UK?

ROBWe’ve no definitive answer at the time of writing, but most likely.

HIE are confirmed for Takedown Festival in the UK this coming April. This will be the bands debut live show since the hiatus. Was it always the place to play the first show in the UK?

ROBNot necessarily, it was more of a case that the offer came on and we jumped at it! We’re stoked to be part of such a killer lineup and can’t wait to get back on stage together. We’ve always enjoyed playing in the UK over the years.

With regards to the live setlist, will you be concentrating purely on new music or can we expect some of the older material from ‘The High Point of New Lows’ (2011) and ‘Obey’ (2017)?

ROBA mixture of everything! We love playing the old songs live. We’re still super proud of both those releases.

Since being out of the live scene for a number of years, are you excited about getting back out there again and exploring a whole new chapter for the band?

ROB100%. We have a renewed energy and passion for this band and as eluded to in a previous question, we’re doing it for those reasons alone and that’s a great place to be, we look forward to wherever it takes us.

Hero In Error will be performing at 2024 Takedown Festival in the UK this coming April alongside the likes of Creeper, Terrorvision, Dinosaur Pile-Up, URNE, Hell is For Heroes, A, and many more. Tickets for Takedown are on sale NOW and can be accessed here.

More info…

Hero in Error, a metal-hardcore band formed in Dublin, Ireland, in 2007, embodies a fusion of intensity and innovation. Founded by Stephen Reilly and Gary Regan, the band’s inception was fueled by the desire to blend the diverse styles of Mastodon, Deftones, Smashing Pumpkins, and Sikth.

Their journey began with the release of their debut EP produced by Justin Hill, “The High Points of New Lows,” in 2010, a project that captured the attention of the local metal scene and led to their signing with Mediaskare Records in the U.S. the following year. Alongside this achievement, the band also earned the opportunity to support established acts like Mastodon, Parkway Drive, Architects, and The Ghost Inside.

The addition of Rob Powderly in 2011, further solidified the band’s lineup.

Despite a promising start, Hero in Error encountered a challenging phase with member changes, leading to a hiatus from 2013 to 2016. This interlude, however, was not the end but a prelude to a resurgence. The band re-emerged with renewed vigor, introducing vocalist Kaan Tasan (Heart of a Coward).

Their return was marked by the release of “Hollow Truth” in 2016 and was soon followed by the 2017 EP, “Obey”. These releases were not just a continuation but a reinvention, showcasing a band that had matured and evolved in their sound.

Hero in Error is poised to release a new 3-track EP scheduled for in early 2024. This EP signifies resilience and a desire to continue making music. This upcoming project is a culmination of their journey and experiences, and is set to be supported by a series of live shows across Ireland and the UK.

Robert Powerdly – Guitar
Kaan Tasan – Vocals
Gary Regan – Guitars
Jay Doyle – Bass
Stephen Reilly – Drums

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