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Dead Label invited a bunch of their friends for a backyard party and shot a music video for their new single ‘Triggered’. This is what happened…

Photo – Down The Barrel Photography

The rise of Irish four-piece, Dead Label continues with another brand new single which, once again, is loaded with an instant impulse to open up a pit in your local supermarket; or where ever else you happen to be.

Get a first look at the magnificence of ‘Triggered‘ below;

We asked drummer, Claire Percival about the new video/single and the plans for Dead Label going forward…

OD –  Tell us the concept behind the Triggered video as it’s very different from all of Dead Label’s previous releases?

CLAIRETriggered is a song we have had for a while, it has been through a few changes, but we knew this was the way this track was meant to be once we recorded this version. It’s more of a fun song for us, almost rock n’ roll in nature.

It’s a “FUCK it” song! Go out and wreck the place vibe; and we love it. With this, the video had to be different. We have killed a lot of priests lately in our videos [Laughing], and so we thought we should have a video were we just have a bit of fun. It’s festival season, so lets just party and enjoy it. This does not mean the future videos won’t have some nice blasphemy in them. [Laughing]

OD – There seems to be a series of video/singles emerging lately, is there a master plan for more to come, and then an album or what can we expect?

CLAIRE – We always have a master plan. We are thinking about releasing all the singles together in a package for the fans to enjoy them in one place before we release our next album. We have buckets of material, so we want to let these singles have their day in the sun before we release more new music. We have made a conscious decision to not keep music to ourselves, so if a song needs to come out, it will come out!

OD –  You have a few dates coming up between now and August. What are the plans for Autumn?

CLAIRE – Autumn at the moment for us is going to be a time for serious writing and recording, and getting everything prepared for next year. Unless of course, we are invited on a tour we can to refuse!

OD – There is a new ‘beefier’ sound with ‘Triggered‘ is this a sign of things to come looking forward?

CLAIRE – Yes, we are starting to show off our new sound as a four piece. There are many new sides to Dead Label because we are a four piece. There are sounds we want to explore that have always been elements in the practise room that we can now bring to life!

Photo – Down The Barrel Photography

There are not many self-financed unsigned, bands that can claim to have performed in North America, Japan, UK and mainland Europe, shared stages and tours with Machine Head, Fear Factory, Gojira, DevilDriver, performed at Download Festival UK, Bloodstock Open Air (twice), Hammerfest and Metal Days.

Ireland’s contemporary, groove-metal titans, Dead Label have done just that! With a work ethic that’s driven with levels of determination only few could understand, the Kildare-based four-piece have rattled the international metal scene for the last decade thanks to their infectiously heavy brand of modern metal.

With a sound that has evolved into a unique cross-pollination of thrash and death elements, topped with glorious hardcore undertones here and there, Dead Label have grown outside of their local scene as international artists, thanks to their 2015 debut album ‘Throne of Bones’. 2017’s single/video release ‘PURE CHAOS’ has racked up an impressive 111K (and counting) views, attracting huge media and label interest, as well as the track being featured on the cover-mount for Metal Hammer’s March 2018 issue, and also used exclusively for Bloodstock Open Air’s 2018 TV promotion campaign.

With the follow-up to 2015’s LP very much underway, Dead Label have been demoing new tracks since March 2018 and are currently in the process of putting the final touches to their yet to titled new studio album.

The bands growing popularity continues to bleed into the mindset and playlists of heavy music fans around the globe, thanks to the recent release of 2019’s new singles/video’s ‘FALSE MESSIAH’ & ‘TRIGGERED‘. Having just completed Camden Rocks Festival in London, and some shows with Alien Weaponry before their scheduled headline slot at Ireland’s Knockanstockan Festival, Boomtown Fair (UK), Metaldays mainstage (Slovenia) and mainland EU dates with Jinjer.

For more information on Dead Label, please visit this link.

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