Posted on by Oran

Iron Maiden spreading their wings. They are no longer just one of the greatest heavy metal bands of all time, they are aiming to expand their branding in other ways. They have a very successful line of beers, a line of headphones and now, a new mobile video game on deck.


The band have dipped into video games in the past, with the release of their most recent single, “Speed of Light,” an online 8-bit game accompanied it, and in the 90s, they had a PC game called Ed Hunter, which just looked like Doom with Iron Maiden’s greatest hits playing over it, but this is their first foray into mobile gaming. The concept of the game is described as follows:

Battle as Eddie in his many guises across worlds inspired by the rich lore and music of Iron Maiden – one of the most iconic and influential bands of all time.

A mysterious force has shattered Eddie’s soul and scattered the shards. Travel through time and space collecting the pieces as you encounter a cast of dramatic and engaging characters.

A powerful soundtrack enhances gameplay, using songs spanning Iron Maiden’s entire career, including previously unheard live recordings adapted for the game by engineer Tony Newton under the close scrutiny of Steve Harris.

Some new Maiden in the game? Count us in! The game will be out this summer, free on iOS and Android. More info can be found by clicking on the graphic below!