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KORN singer Jonathan Davis makes a guest appearance in “70 Thorns”, the new music video from the unstoppable Kim Dracula.

If you’ve not heard about Kim Dracula just yet, then where have you been? Having been our ‘Video/Track of the Week’ three times [including the new single], there is no question that their forthcoming album will hit like an astroid upon release.

Kim Dracula has surfaced from the flesh-eating diseases, and torrential wildfires of Australia to create turbulent, creative art that mirrors the chaotic world around us. As for the person behind Kim Dracula, not much is known.

Having emerged, primarily from the success of his Tik-Tok videos, Kim Dracula has generated an impressive army of fans from around the globe, thanks to his left of centre approach to songwriting, and his outstanding ability to manipulate his voice, and his overall appearance.

The video was directed by Jensen Noen, who has previously worked with FALLING IN REVERSE, ICE NINE KILLSMOTIONLESS IN WHITE and POP EVIL, among others.

Check out the official video for ‘70 Thorns‘ below;

Blowing up in 2020, fans flocked to Dracula as he promoted his over-the-top compositions on social media with low-budget, yet impactful homemade videos which showcased long black and purple hair, garish makeup, demonic eyes, and a sardonic grin that promises nothing short of chaos and sensory overload.

Dracula, however, was cultivating his sound and style, long before pandemic outbreaks turned major cities into ghost towns.

After the success of his output on platforms like TikTok, Dracula’s vision is finally able to come to life. On the first original track “Make Me Famous“, we reach a gluttonous feast of violence, chaos and satire that makes Dracula’s TikTok output look like Ed Sheeran.

In addition to being extreme and multi-faceted lyrically and visually, “Make Me Famous” dwarfs Dracula’s previous musical output by abrasively combining multiple styles, composed instrumentally by the members of Kim’s band themselves, including metal, industrial, jazz, trap, and Latin music in a single song without flying off the rails.

Kim says: “I’ve always had this vision. I’ve been wanting to combine these styles for over a decade, but it wasn’t until recently that I actually had the resources to properly execute it.”

Dracula’s second release, “Drown“, was a more melodic song that packed the same eclectic punch his making a name for, fusing styles such as post hardcore with synthwave, industrial, EDM and metal.

Between his musical composition, extreme visuals, and lack of desire to fit into any specific box, Dracula has earned a devoted following in all different communities.

I don’t care where you come from, what you believe in, or what you’ve done in the past,” he says. “My art is for anyone and everyone who wants to enjoy it. There’s enough division in the world already.”

Expect a lot more from Kim Dracula in the coming months.

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