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With their Bloodstock main stage performance looming this week, Lost Society turn up the hype for their new album with new single, ‘What Have I Done’. Check it out below…

photo credit: Jaakko Manninen

LOST SOCIETY are known for being a killer live band – their energetic, neck-breaking shows tickle even the crankiest people into becoming moshpit berserkers.

With their third single from upcoming album If The Sky Came Down (out September 30th via Nuclear Blast), they deliver the ultimate banger for festival crowds.

Frontman Samy Elbanna states:
With festivals finally back in action, we’ve had the pleasure of playing some of the biggest ones this summer, and we wanted to honour this by filming our biggest show to date and making an absolute monster of a music video out of it! Sam Jamsen, the mastermind behind the video, really captured the intensity of an LxSx live show, and the video is a perfect way of continuing the story of the new album.

Check out the new video below:

Catch the band lay waste to the Ronnie James Dio stage at Bloodstock Open Air this weekend. Day tickets are on sale NOW.

Dealing with mental health issues in the lyrics throughout the album, this song addresses addiction.

Samy Elbanna explains:
“The human mind is one of the most complex things we know, and our curiosity towards the unknown is powerful. ‘What Have I Done’ is a story of what can happen when you push that curiosity to an absolute extreme, and you realise you’ve become addicted to something you know is not right.” 

Listen to ‘What Have I Done’ here:

Line up:
Samy Elbanna | Vocals, Guitar
Arttu Lesonen | Guitar
Mirko Lehtinen | Bass
Taz Fagerström | Drums

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