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Horror Punk merchants, LUGOSI are gearing up for the release of their sophomore LP, ‘Video Nasty’. Find out all you need to know below…


To celebrate the news of ‘Video Nasty’ the four-piece released a third single ‘Soylent Green’ last week and today [March 5th] are revealing the cover artwork and tracklisting for the album.

Featuring eight tracks [also one “hidden track“] that are bursting with the bands’ unique tongue-in-cheek humour, twinned with their ability to produce groove-drenched bangers, ‘Video Nasty’ brings a cross-over sound that has elements of Melvins, Clutch and Misfits sprinkled throughout.

Continuing their strange obsession with the number 8, and recorded in short spurts between various lockdowns, their second album “Video Nasty” is an 8-track trip to the corner video store.

Check out the cover artwork below;

Covering strange and diverse unhallowed ground lyrically, this album delivers even more drive and punch than the first.

The band recently announced a US distribution deal with ‘Ruined Vibes’ Records, home to Nick Oliveri [ex Queens of the Stone Age, Mondo Generator].

Label boss, Jason Hall, commented on the bands’ forthcoming release:

Hailing from Dublin, horror rockers, Lugosi’s sophomore album ‘Video Nasty’ will be proudly distributed in the USA by Ruined Vibes, which is a boutique vinyl label based in the heart of “desert rock” in the California desert, specifically Sky Valley”.

Photo – Down The Barrel Photography © 2021

We spoke to the guys about the new album…

OD – What was the overall inspiration for the ‘Video Nasty‘ cover art?

JIMMY [DRUMS] – Although the album artwork was inspired by a whole host of vintage b-movie posters, it borrows mostly from a 2015 Canadian slasher “Lost After Dark” by Ian Kessner. With level-5 lockdown in full swing, the planned photoshoot at The Hellfire Club for the inset pic was ruled out, but it’s near enough to me, so I took a few shots and settled down with Photoshop. The main image features Alan’s arm and ketchup smeared cleaver, which he shot himself.

The first 40 albums come in a VHS case and it seemed appropriate to get the look & feel of this right first and then adapt to the CD format. After a couple of drafts, when I heard myself thinking “No – Too clichéd, looks cheap & tacky”, I knew I was on the right track.

In an ideal world, I’d like to have stored the sleeves in a damp, rat-infested basement for 6 months, then smeared them in beer, coffee and ketchup before dragging them through the streets of Dublin, to get a nice vintage VHS rental feel, but alas, we ran out of time.

OD – Of all the tracks on the album, which do you find yourself drawn to the most?

ALAN [GUITARS] – I think the opening track “Late Night Slasher Movie” is the most fun to play live. Musically, the groove and tempo just set a tone of “we’re gonna have the craic for the next three and a half minutes”.

Lyrically, it’s the story of the band having a beer, weed and video nasty night which descends into murder and mayhem as our frontman JM kills the rest of the band. It’s always flattering to be sung about, even if the song is about your murder. I’m always laughing my head off playing this one.

JIMMY – For me, Soylent Green. Fast and furious, it’s over before it’s begun. Audiences are usually left smiling, but confused, satiated but wanting more, not sure if they could handle more. A bit like Soylent Green.

The full tracklisting for ‘Video Nasty‘ is as follows;

  1. Late Night Slasher Movie
  2. They Came From Outer Space
  3. We’re Here to Drink Blood
  4. Soylent Green
  5. I Am The Vampyre
  6. Hellfire Club
  7. Dawn of The Dead
  8. 1313 Mockingbird Lane

Due for release 12th March 2021, ‘Video Nasty’ can be pre-ordered via this link.

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