M.O.D. announce Dublin show!

Posted on by Oran

Demented Promotions announced over the weekend that Methods of Destruction (M.O.D.) will be playing a once off show in Fibbers on June 24th. Tickets are on sale now!






Anyone who is not familiar with M.O.D. will need to get schooled ASAP, as this show will take the very skin off your face. Fronted by the rather extrovert Billy Milano (S.O.D), M.O.D have been wrecking venues, snapping necks and breaking bones since 1986. Demented Promotions announced the show over the weekend and informed Overdrive that this will the fist time in the bands history that they have every played a show in Ireland.

Their legendary shows are a combination of pure chaos and crushing Hardcore infused Thrash and should not be missed. Just to sweeten the deal, the support for the show comes from Psykosis, Twisted Autocracy and Hollow Truth.

Just knowing that this show is booked and happening is making the summer look pretty damn awesome already! Tickets are available now.

For more details on this show head over to Demented Promotions.

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