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Atlanta progressive brothers bring their staggering show to digital download with a crushing gig that took place in London’s Brixton Academy. Let’s have a look at just how good this really is.

mastodonliveatGetting straight down to business, the fade in visual shows a purple lit Brixton with feedback humming before all four members take to the stage much to the ecstatic roar from the crowd. Launching into “Dry Bone Valley” sets the tone for what you know is gonna be a glorious set list.

Plenty of camera angles keeps the viewer glued as there is plenty of action from behind the drum kit where Brann Dailor is displaying his unreal talent to the crowd perspective footage showing the impressive “Hunter” album cover backdrop.


With the bands signature lack of between song banter the tracks just keep coming and coming with “Black Tongue” and “Crystal Skull” smashing their way around the venue.

The lighting is fantastic on this recording and just adds to the weight of the Mastodon’s music. ” I Am Ahab, Capillarian Crest and Coleny of Birchmen” come fast and thick making this a total dream of a set list.

There is a real sense of no “Rock-star Bullshit” with the guys, as they just hammer through the tracks with passion and precision. As far as concert footage goes, the steady pace of camera angles and close ups of blistering fret work and double bass foot peddling keeps the attention throughout.

The audio mix is deep, rich and heavy as fuck and just get’s better and better as the footage plays on. The viewer get’s a real sense of being on stage with the band and for all the guitar geeks out there, you get a good look at the set up used by the guys.

Mastodon 1

The most captivating member of Mastodon has got to be Brann. He is outstanding and almost hypnotic when watching his ability when behind a drum kit. As for the rest of the footage, the hard core fans will be very pleased with this as will the bands general audience.

Live at Brixton, captures a band that are on top of their game and pushing the musical landscape to it’s ultimate limits and beyond. Overdrive highly recommends getting your download of this epic gig so you can soak it all up over the Christmas break.

Overdrive Rating – 5/5

Mastodon – Live At Brixton is out on December 9th via Warner Bros. Records.

Order your copy here – Mastodon – Live At Brixton


01 – Dry Bone Valley (Live at Brixton)

02 – Black Tongue (Live at Brixton)

03 – Crystal Skull (Live at Brixton)

04 – I Am Ahab (Live at Brixton)

05 – Capillarian Crest (Live at Brixton)

06 – Colony of Birchmen (Live at Brixton)

07 – Megalodon (Live at Brixton)

08 – Thickening (Live at Brixton)

09 – Blasteroid (Live at Brixton)

10 – Sleeping Giant (Live at Brixton)

11 – Ghost of Karelia (Live at Brixton)

12 – All the Heavy Lifting (Live at Brixton)

13 – Spectrelight (Live at Brixton)

14 – Curl of the Burl (Live at Brixton)

15 – Bedazzled Fingernails (Live at Brixton)

16 – Circle of Cysquatch (Live at Brixton)

17 – Guitar Solo (Live at Brixton)

18 – Aqua Dementia (Live at Brixton)

19 – Crack the Skye (Live at Brixton)

20 – Where Strides the Behemoth (Live at Brixton)

21 – Iron Tusk (Live at Brixton)

22 – March of the Fire Ants (Live at Brixton)

23 – Blood and Thunder (Live at Brixton)

24 – Creature Lives (Live at Brixton)

Words – Oran O’Beirne