Metal 2 The Masses – The Final! Who’s in it and what to expect!

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After nearly 70 bands involved from the North to the South and raging in from the East and the West of Ireland, we are now at the final of the official Metal 2 The Masses battle for Bloodstock. It’s been an emotional journey with some of the most outstanding bands taking part. But now it get’s serious! This is your guide to the who’s who of the Irish Metal 2 The Masses Final. Get stuck in!

M2TM Facebook TimelineFirstly, we here at Overdrive would like to thank all the bands that have taken part in this competition and commend each and every band member for bringing the level of talent in our most cherished Metal scene, above and beyond any expectations we had prior to our involvement in Metal 2 The Masses.

The rise in “Rock” or “Metal” clubs has had a tremendous effect on the live music scene in Dublin, as I’m sure it has throughout the rest of the country. With the increased popularity of these clubs and the offering of cheap booze, there has been an unfortunate drop in numbers attending live shows. Bands are breaking their backs to play in venues that are near empty and it’s just painful to see.

A great example of the level of talent and originality that currently exists in the Irish Metal scene has been displayed over the last 20 weeks or so, as bands from all over the country took part in the official Bloodstock Metal 2 The Masses series of shows held in Fibbers on Parnell Street.

Metal 2 The Masses is simply an outstanding opportunity for any band to gain a huge amount of exposure and live out the dream of playing before the large crowds at this years Bloodstock Open Air Festival, in Catton Park Derbyshire UK.

With the final happening this Saturday May 10th, we feel that it’s about time to get a breakdown of who’s involved and what to expect, so without further ado. Let us introduce the finalists who are all battling it out to take to the stage at Bloodstock.

AESECT Hailing from Dublin, AESECT are a sonic force to be reckoned with. This five piece band consists of members Luck Peters, Dave Kennedy, Aidan O’ Halloran, Shane Kiernan and Dan Thompson. They formed in the summer of 2010 and within that short amount of time have become a truly professional and intensely live act that have the potential to literally blast the skin clean off your skull. Taking influences from Sylosis, Lamb Of God, Meshuggah, Gojira and making it their own, the musical arrangements and lyrical ability of AESECT show a band that are just barley touching the surface of what they are capable of doing.

For more information on AESECT, hit this link:


Having proved that they can master the ability to blend and experiment with elements of different sub genres, ALPHEIDAE bring a fresh sound to Metal 2 The Masses. The five piece can muster up some delicious riffs that would have any punter running for the air guitar whilst frothing at the mouth. Vocalist Calvin Singleton has a tone that rumbles from the very depths of hell itself, all the while bassist Gavin Wynne, drummer Zach Parkinson and guitarist’s Jake Brady and Ros Coghlan are the driving force behind the science of ALPHEIDAE. Taking influences from Between The Buried And Me, Amon Amarth and Lamb Of God, ALPHEIDAE set out to destroy and judging by their past performances your in for one hell of a fucking treat! For more information on ALPHEIDAE hit this link.


The fact that Dead Label are a three piece is just staggering. The reason? They have a sound that if described as a visual, would be a 200 tonne tank falling off the edge of a crumbling mountain and landing on an island of explosive powder kegs! Got the message yet? Dead Label don’t fuck around. It’s straight in no kissing, heavy as fuck metal. Power house drummer Claire Percival is simply outstanding in a live setting and summons dropped jaws at the sheer brutality in which she attacks her kit. Bassist/vocalist Dan O’ Grady has the gift of lifting the roof off any venue with his “call to arms” onstage presence. Throw guitarist Danny Hall in the mix and you have a very dangerous, ambitious outfit that are guaranteed to destroy every time. Be afraid.

For more information on Dead Label hit this link.


Brutally heavy riffs that are dripping with the stench of malice, hatred and agnostic anti-bullshit. Killface are the real deal. With a sound that kicks, scratches and claws it’s way from the darker side of Hell, Killface tap into the most savory of subjects. Their unique dark twist on Thrash/Death/Hardcore is infectious to the bloody ear, as the Dublin five piece weave gargantuan mountain sized riffs and breakdowns into their music that would give any corpse a boner. Kill ‘Fucking’ Face just annihilate live. This is a band that don’t do bad shows, having recently supported Sepultura in Dublin’s Academy, they are more than ready to take on any stage let alone a Bloodstock one!

For more information on Killface, hit this link.


A band that truly represent the passion and dedication of the current Irish Metal Scene. Psykosis have not only the talent of possessing fantastically delicious razor sharp undiluted Thrash riffs, but they have an ace up their sleeve as they are so god damn entertaining live. The ludicrous banter between guitarists Tony Cocoran and vocalist/lead guitarist Grant Walsh is fucking hilarious, which is all powered by bassist Jay Shaw and the most photographed drummer in music, Shane Byrne. These guys just bring the beer, shorts and good times to every performance we have seen. High energy throughout, complemented by songs about beer drinking zombies can only be nothing short of fucking awesome! Fact!

For more information on Psykosis, hit this link.


If there is a band out there more hungry for Bloodstock than Theories Divide then make them selves known please. A no bullshit four piece band from Dublin who have impressed judges more and more with each performance throughout the Metal 2 The Masses journey. Theories Divide just bring the it live. They are confident, professional and ready to decimate a venue at the drop of a hat! Musically they have elements of Metallica, Pantera and classic Heavy Metal all thrown in to the mix which when delivered, is simply neck breaking! Theories Divide are a band that you simply have to see live. However, please ensure that you have a neck brace at the ready as they take no prisoners and don’t fuck around when it comes to performing live.

For more information on Theories Divide, hit this link.

Doors for the final are from 7.30pm and admission is €5 until 9pm where it will then be €10. Paying customers will receive a voting slip that should be handed in to the judges during the night. First band on stage at 8pm!

Simon Hall of Bloodstock, Razorline Music and lead vocalist for Beholder will be the guest judge for the night and will also be providing a raffle for the punters and bands. Prizes include free tickets to Bloodstock, Hobgoblin Ale, Bloodstock Merchandise and other goodies.

For the runner up bands Overdrive will be offering an EPK (Electronic Press Kit) which includes a two hour photo-shoot with official Metal 2 The Masses photographer Steve Dempsey of Down The Barrel Photography. These prizes will be determined by the number of votes that are handed in on the night.

For more information on Metal 2 The Masses Final hit the graphic below.

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