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With 2019 winding down, Overdrive can finally unveil the Bloodstock Metal 2 The Masses artists that will be taking part in, what has become, one of the most important annual events on the Irish Heavy Music calendar. Check out who will be taking part below…

Now, in its seventh year, Bloodstock – Metal 2 The Masses Ireland will be kicking off 2020 on January 25th in Fibber Magee’s in the Irish capital with a solid line up of 35 bands/artists that were chosen from just over 100 applications.

Before we introduce you to all of next years bands, let us remind you that M2TM Ireland 2020 is shaping up to be one of our strongest campaigns ever thanks to the involvement of some great Irish organisations that will be supporting each event as well as endorsing the tremendous Irish Metal/Heavy/Alternative scene we are so lucky to have.

This years media partners are as follows;

Forbidden Planet Dublin, Tower Records, Down The Barrel Photography, Mainstage Design, Trackmix Recording Studio, Vocalzone, EMP, CosmoPalace Visual Music Services with more yet to be announced, so keep your eyes on in the coming weeks for more information.



Metal quintet located in Cobh, Ireland. Sean Frahill (vocals), Conor Nagle (guitar), Aaron Frahill (bass), Rory Power (drums), and Cillian Plummer (guitar).

What once originated in Canada as a one-man project, morphed into a 5 man Irish-based touring band with a brand new album entitled “Amalgam“.

Having shared the stage with metal acts such as, Textures, Bloodshot Dawn, Exivious, Words That Burn, and Reprisal over the last couple years- the next chapter has been opened with a new album, new members, new live shows, and an inherent new energy. 

More info here.


Brake Loose, a Dublin-based heavy rock band formed in late 2018 have been courting attention due to their catchy and badass heavy rock riffs, electrifying guitar solos and mostly due to their frontman’s spoken word performances, lyrics and charismatic but unpredictable stage persona. Dirty, mischievous and fearless is their sound. 

More info here.


More Than Machines are an electronic metal-core band from Dublin who combine the heaviness of metal-core with the energy of EDM music. The band site influences from Wage War and Architects, to Pendulum.

More info here.


© Down The Barrel Photography 2018

Having just released their second EP, ‘The Boats‘, Grey Stag are a sociopathic groove-tyrant with a penchant for dank ‘riffage‘. Those who are familiar with the three-piece know only too well the crushing and sublime noise these lads deliver in a live setting.

More info here.


Lugosi are a Dublin based punk/stoner rock four piece with a love of the macabre. Having developed a solid presence here in Ireland, the band have their sights set on Bloodstock, so make sure you get down front and centre for a show that will no doubt be a banger.

More info here.



Cork Street Posse are an alternative rap group from Dublin, fronted by their lyricist Niall “Smiley” Jackson and Vocalist/Producer Leigh “Cheek Bones” O’ Reilly.

Originally coming from a punk and metal background, this band was formed in a Cork Street flat over the space of 2 years.

Accompanying Smiley’s vocal poetry with Leigh’s ever growing creativity for genre bending music, they soon formed a sound unlike any other, over-scored by hard hitting, poignant thoroughbred Irish charm, arriving at a delicate balance of nostalgic feel-good epics to provocative heavy bangers.

Now  touring with a slamming 3-piece band to compliment their infectious beats.

This band will have you listening and looking on with complete shock and an uncontrollable urge to nod along with them to their explosive live show. One thing is for sure. They. Will. Entertain.

More info here.


Formed in 2008 under the name The Edge Of Existance, My Soul Divine made their M2TM debut last year and instantly gained a new fan base due to their razor sharp live shows and brutal song structures.

Make sure to keep an eye on this four-piece as they will lay waste to anyone that stands in their way.

More info here.


Photo by Jim Culloty

NEON EMPIRE is a new electronic metal-core band to the Dublin scene formed in summer 2019, the band combines Metal-core elements and sounds with a blend of Melody, Aggression and Electronics.

Currently working on recording our debut EP with JSR Audio which will feature special guests well known to the metal scene.

More info here.


Psychotic Outsider is a female fronted band based in Galway. Consists of Nicoletta Khodakivska – vocals, Piotr “The Boogeyman” Michalik – guitars/bass and
Piotr Szatan – drums.

Having formed in 2018, the bands hectic fusion of hardcore, metal and aggressive punk proves to be a cocktail that will no doubt, inspire busy pits regardless of where they perform.

The bands first EP, ‘Motherfuckers‘ is out now and can be found via this link.

More info here.


Founded in 2018 in Dublin, Ireland, The Risen Dread are a metal band with Will (guitar), Matt (bass), Colum (drums) and Marco (vocals).

Having been in many metal bands, among bands of other genres, previous to this venture, everyone brings new elements to add to the final sound. The first EP called “Delusions” came out at the of September 2019. Check it out for your self here.

More info here.



A new Irish Grind-core band featuring members of Catastrophe and Horrenda. We’ve heard what this band can already do and we expect big things.

Their ‘take no prisoners‘ approach to pit-culture will please the die-hards to like a good ol’ fashioned ‘toxic waltz‘. Bringing riffs, carnage, broken teeth and sledgehammer brutality to Metal 2 The Masses Ireland 2020, Aborted Earth are looking for blood. The question is are you gonna give it to them? Either way, they’re taking it.

More info here.


Following The Signs are a hardcore/metal band from Cork City Ireland.  Formed in 2017 the band consists of Danny Hayes (vocals) Rory Taylor (Bass) Noel Crowley (Guitar) and Jack McCarthy (drums) and Dave Moynihan (Guitar).

The sound they bring is A groovy and heavy mix of heavy riffs and technical drums complimenting the popping bass and raw aggressive vocals.

More info here.


Holocene Extinction is a Post-Hardcore Metal band made up of 4 great musicians bringing you heavy riffs and head-banging breakdowns inspired by the likes of Lamb of God and Killswitch Engage.

Having entered M2TM last year, this will be the Waterford natives second roll in the hay with the Bloodstock showcase.

More info here.


Having started as an experimental Black Metal project back in 2015, HORRENDA have earned a reputation for engaging live performances thanks to their first full demo “Vile Lament” which was released in 2017.

It was during this time, the band picked up the moniker “the Irish Mayhem” and continue to evolve both live and in recorded form which can be heard on their full length album “Díoltas” which was released earlier this year.

More info here.


Photo – Down The Barrel Photography.

Sectile formed in November 2016 in Dublin with the aim to combine their influences of classic progressive rock of the 80s and 90s with contemporary technical metal.

They released their debut self-titled EP in November 2017 to a positive reception.

After some notable gigs throughout the year to follow, including renowned Irish metal festival ‘Siege of Limerick’ on April 2018 and two finals of Metal2TheMasses, their latest single ‘The Hunt’ was launched in October 2018 to indicate a shift towards a more progressive musical direction that would be the basis of a full-length album, set to be released early 2020.

More info here.



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Dublin-based metal-core crew A Night In The Snow have been making quite the impact in the local Dublin metal scene with their ability to smash together a massive sound drenched with contemporary arrangements and sub-level breakdowns that will rattle your Nan’s gold teeth.

Get more info here.


With a penchant for groovy hooks that tug on the heart strings, as well as the party area of the listener, Diablo DC bring a hybrid of alternative and hard rock to the frontlines with their own twist.  According to their press release, “the lads provide the soundtrack to the best night you haven’t had yet.” With influences by everything from Queen to Queens of The Stone Age, Diablo DC are planning to take Fibbers all the way and then some.

More information here.


Ireland’s oldest hardcore punk/metal crossover band from 82/83 return to M2TM Ireland  brining with them a must see, zero-bollocks performance that truly separates Immaculate Deception from the herd.

If you like your music hard, fast, loose and heavy, dripping with visceral and acid-tongued lyrics, then this is a dead-cert for you.

Get more information here.


Formed from the ashes of Dublin stoner rock troupe Terminal Commuter and featuring ex-Obiat drummer Adam Cichocki, Iona Death Cult deal in epic progressive dystopian sludge metal anthems filtered through a psychedelic prism.

Beginning life as an instrumental band and releasing the rapturously well received ‘The Cult Is Real‘ two track EP in early 2017 , the trio quickly found that to be somewhat limiting their songwriting, and so they locked themselves in their Bray studio, and began to write songs that were more aggressive, hooky and vocal.

The result was their six song debut album ‘Aid To Worship‘(2018), a combination of sludge metal heaviness, psych weirdness and some moments of flat out oddness, from the grunge coated call out of stompers like ‘Slumlord‘, to the sparse instrumental post rock of ‘Kafka‘, to the epic prog rock/[post metal chops of closer ‘Inverted World‘.

Making their live debut in early 2017 for UK based promoters United In Fuzz, , Iona Death Cult have since shared the stage with acts as diverse as sludge metal heavyweights Zhora, funk punkers Stitch Jones and jazz-psyche supremos Quantum Crossroads among numerous others, and have garnered a reputation as a fearsomely raw and exploratory live act, the bands’ dense, groove-laden riffage complimented by rancorous feedback and moments of atmospheric disquiet, and all delivered with the intensity of band raised on the heaviest of metal and punk.

More information here.


Restive Nation are a 3 piece electronic rock band that draw their influences from the likes of Tool, Deftones, Nine Inch Nails, Opeth to Massive Attack, Faith No More and Radiohead.

Their unique blend of organic and synthetic sounds makes for an extremely textured listening experience that is hard to come by. Do not miss their performance.

For more information, please click here.



Death Can Wait are a 4-piece metal band from Co. Wexford, Ireland. The band came together in the late months of 2018 with members comprising of Brian Colfer (Main Vocal, associated act Scrawb), David Moorehouse (Guitar), Shane Murphy (Bass, Backing Vocals) and Patryk Hadrys (Drums).

While the variety and range heard in the bands live set makes it difficult to specify exactly what sub-genre the band fits into, the bulk of our sound consists of Nu-Metal, Metal-core and Alt-Metal influences.

The band use their wide-ranging influences whatever way they see fit to craft a good ‘song‘,  as they commented “i.e. something that means more to us than just ‘heavy‘”.

Death Can Wait’s first live performance was in April of 2019, and our debut single ‘Left‘ was released in August, followed by ‘Wreck Age‘ in September (listen here). They are set to record our as of yet untitled debut EP in January 2020.

More information here.


With an innovative synthesis of EDM and Metal, Westmeath band Ezekiels seek to pioneer a fresh sound in the Irish music scene.

Influences as diverse as The Prodigy, Skrillex, Slipknot and Polyphia meld into a dynamic and melodic style that is already resonating with a broad range of fans.

The buzz created by their debut EP ‘EZKLS’ (listen here) and the music video for ‘Not Now M8’ has seen them recruit a solid following across social media. The band aim to bring their unique live sound to a wider audience and what better way to do it than Metal 2 The Masses Ireland 2020.

More information here.


Originally founded in Athlone, Co. Westmeath in 2015, PEASANT TO A KING was a 3- piece band. By 2017 they released their debut single, Requiem.

In 2017 the band consisted of Ben Doyle, James Casey, Lee Clarke and Evan Smith. By 2018 PTAK recruited their lead guitarist Stephen Keane.

PEASANT TO A KING had their debut show opening for former Metal 2 The Masses Ireland winners,  This Place Hell, before long they opened for crab legends I Set My Friends On Fire.

For more information, please click here.


Featuring members of zhOra and Coroza, Spirit Merchant conjure the organic, the industrial and the ethereal to create a tangled, groove laden sonic landscape.

Make sure to catch these guys making their Fibbers debut under this new project.

For more information, please click here.


With influences from Alice in Chains, to Nirvana, Soundgarden and TAD, Vendetta Love are one of Ireland’s most underrated alternative bands that get better and better with every performance.

No strangers to Fibber’s, this four-piece are a force to be reckoned with and will no-doubt deliver one of the most intense sets of the showcase. One’s to watch, for sure.

More information here.



A first for Metal 2 The Masses Ireland! CRAVEN is a one-man, dark-synth industrial freak show, inspired by the occult, 1980s horror movies, and the smell of rotting latex.

Having released his debut album on Valentines day this year and a new EP titled ”KINGS” (listen here) in September on Friday 13th featuring 2 brand new tracks and 2 remixes, 2019 has been a busy year to date.

The mangy synth-maniac is fresh off a European tour with Priest & Rhys Fulber and is now on the hunt for some new flesh to feast upon.

More information here.


Eternal Helcaraxe are a black metal band from Cavan, Ireland who’s influences are ‘Ancient Rites‘, ‘Emperor‘, and ‘Immortal‘ etc.

The band came to be in May 2003. Between then and February 2004 began writing for a black metal project based on raw emotion and atmosphere to which they still do today. Check out their Spotify link here and get familiar with their cacophony of blackened metal.

More information here.


One of 2019’s Metal 2 The Masses highlights, Fornoth are a death metal quintet featuring Celtic-inspired melodic lead parts and a blend of soaring clean and searing harsh vocals, all wrapped up in the bone-crushing heaviness you love to hear.

Having reached the final this year, the band are back for another swing and if they bring the same intensity we saw this year, there’s a good chance that they might just make it to the final once again.

For more information, please click here.


Photo – Down The Barrel Photography 2019

A sound ravaged from the depths of a most dark cold despair. Shrouded in secrecy to allow the audience to bear witness to a most unnerving Sacrament.

Expect a cacophony of Shrill screeches, a pummelling rhythm section and a cloud of smoke. This is PLÚCHADH.

For more information, please click here.


Stone Sea is a groovy alternative rock band that blend elements of stoner and world music into their sound.

Formed in Brazil in 2014 by vocalist and guitarist Elvis Suhadolnik Bonesso, the band recorded their debut album ‘Origins‘. Shortly after, Elvis moved to Ireland, where stone sea became a 3 piece and recorded their EP’s ‘Vaporizer‘ and ‘Mankind Maze‘ (listen here).

The band then underwent a lineup change with the addition of drummer Connor Middleton and bassist Jonathan Parminter.

This incarnation of the 3 piece offers a unique love experience, seamlessly blending carefully constructed melodies with powerful overdriven riffs. While also inviting elements of Bossa nova, Reggae, jazz, and more into their performance.

More information here.



Doom/Groove band that don’t take themselves too seriously. Dirty Casuals hail from Clonmel and have been making glorious noise since the bands conception; in late 2015.

The band’s debut EP, “Light and Dark Matter” was released in July 2018 and more recently a three-track follow up EPK –  ‘Simulation‘ this year (listen here).

More information here.


Kyrovian ( formerly “Tired Light” ) formed in the winter of 2016. The group consists of a number of veterans of the Galway heavy music scene.

While all members have various musical backgrounds, their main influences are the abrasiveness of early 2000s metallic hardcore/math-core and the monolithic sounds of post-metal.

They’ve shared stages with the likes of Ten Ton Slug, Zhora, Anciients (CAN), Dog Tired (UK) Bailer, Partholon, Mares of Diomedes etc. EP coming soon. F.F.O. Neurosis, Mastodon, Converge.

More information here.


Down The Barrel Photography © 2019

Organ Blender are a Galway based Metal band comprised of, Jay Grimm (Jason Coniry) on drums, Jason Kealy on bass guitar and Padraig Mckeown on guitar and vocals.

With what started as a joke in school about this cliche death metal band who used way too many references with their own name constantly, Organ Blender is now a reality.

Still inspired with the theme of ‘…people dying in blenders‘ and ‘cheeze‘ the music itself isn’t as straight forward.

The band commented on their style – “While we incorporate many different forms of heavy music our main focus is making a badass song different to the rest of the album (duh..), ‘its what i’d want!’ From whats happening in the current metal scene we definitely offer a unique live experience with a balance of groove, atmosphere and crunch that creates something really abstract.

We have just released our debut album ‘Temple Of Human Destruction’ on Bandcamp and free to stream on Soundcloud.” (listen here)


Metal 2 The Masses Ireland’s first all-female entry will take the stage to deliver their brand of metal that’s influenced by the likes of Inspired by the likes of Deftones, Rush, Gojira and Kings X.

These girls are ready take a bite out of the Metal 2 The Masses Ireland apple and assure us that we won’t forget their performance in a hurry!

More details here.


Zephire are a 5 piece modern heavy metal band from Limerick city, formed in 2017.

Born from the ashes of a previously short lived outfit ‘Beyond Transcendence’, Zephire combines a wide mix of influences to create the niche sound that makes them defined as a band.

Having been described as multiple genres, Zephire is confident in its mainstay as a Groove/Prog/Thrash project with tendrils of other influences smoothed in.

Having played first gigs in early 2019, Zephire has gone on to receive a massively warm reception from the Irish public and several gig offers at various events and already 2020 holds a lot in store.

Between debut album recording, planned music videos and an array of already booked gigs, Zephire is going nowhere and will stop at nothing achieve their goals!

More information here.

There you have it! All 35 bands that will be taking part in Bloodstock Metal 2 The Masses Ireland 2020. For more information, please keep an eye on for all the lates news, reviews and much more.

Admission for all Metal 2 The Masses Ireland events will be FREE next year, so there really is no excuse for you to not take part, submit your votes, support the bands and more importantly supporting and spreading the good word of Irish Metal.

One of the above bands will be representing Ireland at next years Bloodstock Open Air Festival in the UK alongside the likes of Devin Townsend, Behemoth, Judas Priest, Skindred, Sacred Reich, Paradise Lost, Vio-Lence, Phil Anselmo and many more.

Early-Bird weekend tickets are on sale now for just £130.00, when they’re gone, they’re gone!

Keep up to date with all the happenings at next year’s Metal 2 The Masses Ireland, via Overdrive. You can follow us on the following links;




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