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If you’ve not heard Ritual Effect yet, then you’re seriously missing out. Having cut their teeth in the sticky-floor underbelly of the Irish underground scene, the Dublin-based three-piece are kicking in the doors of 2024 with new single, ‘L.H.W.’ 

Speaking of the new track, the band says….

“L.H.W. evolved from a riff in 7/8 that Moe had in his back pocket for a very long time. It had been presented to many drummers over the years but Paul was the first one to really understand it.

Once we had jammed that out for a while, the rest of the song fell in to place easily. It’s the first song that we have written without any vocals. This lends itself to being a pivotal tune in the Ritual Effect setlist – none of us are dependent on a microphone and we can push some serious energy into the crowd and even become part of the crowd temporarily!”

Check out the official video which was shot by Cosmopalace during the bands live performances at Bloodstock Metal 2 The Masses Ireland last year.

In place of a vocal melody, some crazy lead guitar was placed into each verse. There was a very heavy influence drawn from the Smashing Pumpkins b-side; “Tribute to Johnny”, while this was being recorded. The goal was chaos in guitar form and we’re pretty sure that’s what was achieved. We’re extremely happy with how the finished product ended up. Being so different from the rest of our songs, it still finds a comfortable seat amongst the rest of our catalogue.

The actual meaning of “L.H.W.” is a closely guarded band secret but since it’s an instrumental we went with the three initials as a subtle nod to the epic Rush track “YYZ”. We’ll let people try to figure it out for themselves!

Stream Ritual Effect via this link.

Ritual Effect will be performing at Bloodstock Metal 2 The Masses Ireland 2024 on Saturday, March 2nd. Visit the official event link here.

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