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One of the most incendiary and popular tracks on Ministry’s latest album, ‘Moral Hygiene’ is undoubtedly, ‘Sabotage Is Sex’, the blistering collaboration between the one-and-only Al Jourgensen and his oft-collaborator Jello Biafra.

The two famously kickstarted their side project ‘LARD’ in the late ‘80s, a fusion of industrial and punk, and this latest collaboration may be a hint of things yet to come.

While ‘Sabotage Is Sex‘ has been pleasing ears since Moral Hygiene was released on October 1st via Nuclear Blast Records, fans now have even more to feast on with the powerhouse new video – featuring both music icons and marking the first time Biafra has ever appeared in a music video.

Watch the ‘Sabotage Is Sex‘ video below:

Created by director Joel Smith of Mad Minute Productions (previous work includes Activision, Audi, Black Eyed Peas, U2, X Games), the gritty, black-and-white video makes a number of bold statements as only Jourgensen and Biafra can about the state of society in 2022, focusing on the corruption of the powers that be, racial injustice and the infringement on the rights of Americans.

Jourgensen states,
Jello and I have been friends and music collaborators for decades. I had no idea he’d never done a video before and I’m honored to pop that creative cherry for him on ‘Sabotage Is Sex.’ It’s crazy how tech savvy we’ve all gotten yet somehow it all seems very punk rock to shoot a video at home with just an iPhone. Who knows, maybe one day there will be a LARD video?

Adds Biafra,
My compliments to the chef!! Not like any other MINISTRY video either. It’s amazing what can be done dirt cheap in your bedroom, with some cool-found footage, and a few clever ideas. Two phones, two takes and my work is done. Fun! I knew there’d finally come a day where I could bust out those Fez hats kids stole from their parents, and threw at DEAD KENNEDYS on our ‘85 FrankenChrist tour.

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