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Black Stone Cherry and Monster Truck have come together to launch a brand new web series, The Cherry Truck Band toady [Wednesday 13th May] at 9 pm tonight.

Fans will get the chance to see, live, first-hand, upfront and personal the two collaborate on writing a song together.

Getting a unique insight into how the creative process works, fly on the wall style.

The idea emerged from Black Stone Cherry’s,Cherry Chat’ episode with Monster Truck’s Jon ‘Marv’ Harvey just over a week ago.

The idea blossomed from their conversation together with our Kentucky brothers saying; “We’re so happy to be hanging out with our fellow riff lovers in Monster Truck again- even if it has to be virtually for now! Writing a song with another band while live-streaming the entire process to the world is something neither group has ever done- so we are excited to see what happens and where it will go! It’s time to unleash the Cherry Truck Band!

Talking about it Harvey of Monster Truck said; “We couldn’t be more excited for BSC to pop our collaboration Cherry! Haha! Can’t wait to write some serious rock n roll and come out the other side with a banger. People will be singing this tune for the rest of their lives.

The web series will be on both bands Facebook pages every Wednesday at 3 pm Central Time (9 pm Ire/UK – 10 pm CET) for fans to view.

The virtual happy hour Cherry Chats see the guys speak to different bands on different topics. Chris, Ben, Jon, and John-Fred jumped on to a video call with their buddies Halestorm in episode 1 where they talked about how they are writing songs in quarantine, tour dreams, and pranks.

Then In episode 2, they caught up with Theory of a Deadman where they shot the breeze on how they met, memories, and how they’re coping with life in general. In episode 3 Monster Truck frontman, Jon ‘Marv’ Harvey joined them and the collaboration idea was born.

If you ever wondered what bands talk about or what it’s like when bands hang out after the show, there’s a glimpse into those conversations with Alter Bridge in episode 4.

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