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Bay Area crossover thrash group MORDRED unveils music video for ‘Love Of Money’.

The influential San Francisco crossover thrash metal act MORDRED – who this summer will release their first full-length record in over 25 years – has unveiled a music video for “Love of Money,” the latest clip from the band’s 2020 comeback EP “Volition.”

Shot on location in San Francisco by Eddie Granillo for Keptone Filmz and featuring actress Szandora Lavey.

Check it out below:

We all want her sometimes and we all need her sometimes,” says guitarist Danny White. “Some would kill for her. Some would die for her. Some would commit crimes for her. Few can walk away. She seduces and provides, her power won’t be denied, and she goes by the name of Money.

Outside of their 2015 single “The Baroness,” “Volition” – which is available for purchase here – marked the first new MORDRED music since the band’s 2013 reunion.

Fans won’t have to wait long for the follow-up, however, as the group recently put the finishing touches on “The Dark Parade,” their first full-length album since 1994’s “The Next Room.” Due out this summer, “The Dark Parade” features five-sixths of the personnel from 1991’s acclaimed “In This Life,” plus new drummer Jeff Gomes (formerly of Fungo Mungo and MIRV).

In addition to spending their 2020 releasing “Volition” and putting the finishing touches on “The Dark Parade,” MORDRED also entertained audiences throughout the year with their streaming variety show and concert series, “MORDRED: Acting The Fool!” Episodes from the series include live performance by the band, guest interviews, burlesque performances and a healthy dose of sketch comedy, can be viewed here.

More information on MORDRED and the upcoming release of “The Dark Parade” will be unveiled by M-Theory Audio in the weeks to come, and by MORDRED at this location.

Scott Holderby – vocals
Danny White – guitar
James Sanguinetti – guitar
Art Liboon – bass
Aaron “DJ Pause” Vaughn – turntables/keyboards
Jeff Gomes – drums

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