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Nile‘s 10th studio album, “The Underworld Awaits Us All“, has officially been lined up for an August 23rd release through Napalm Records.

The Egyptology-obsessed death metal group oversaw the production of the effort internally, while Mark Lewis (Cannibal Corpse, Whitechapel) was tasked with mixing and mastering the opus.

A first single from the album has just arrived in the form of the below video for the literal mouthful of a track, “Chapter For Not Being Hung Upside Down On A Stake In The Underworld And Made To Eat Feces By The Four Apes“. In case you’re wondering, that song references the Egyptian Book of the Dead’s 181st chapter.

Nile band’s mastermind Karl Sanders commented:

“‘Chapter for not being Hung Upside Down‘ is one of our favorite tracks on the new record. It’s a lot of fun to play, challenging and unpredictable, but with an infectiously brutal, unrestrained vibe that I am very certain will be a blast in the mosh pit during live shows.

We are super happy to be working with Tom Flynn for the video for this song – he is a visionary with insanely creative ideas and a really cool guy to work with. Very excited for people to see what he has been cooking up with this video.”

As for the album itself, Sanders offered: “We are very happy to be sharing with fans Nile’s 10th album. We worked overtime making this record as killer as we could – because we sincerely felt fans deserved our best efforts. The Underworld Awaits us All – and we will see you there.”

The Underworld Awaits Us All” track listing:

01 – “Stelae Of Vultures”
02 – “Chapter For Not Being Hung Upside Down On A Stake In The Underworld And Made To Eat Feces By The Four Apes”
03 – “To Strike With Secret Fang”
04 – “Naqada II Enter The Golden Age”
05 – “The Pentagrammathion Of Nephren-Ka”
06 – “Overlords Of The Black Earth”
07 – “Under The Curse Of The One God”
09 – “Doctrine Of Last Things”
10 – “True Gods Of The Desert”
11 – “The Underworld Awaits Us All”
12 – “Lament For The Destruction Of Time”

Pre-orders can be accessed here.

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