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New single ‘Puddin’ is a bombastic powerhouse experimental anthemic Rock with moment of experimental Prog peppered here and there, and it’s as fresh as as early morning dew. 

With influences ranging from Tool to Faith No More, to QOTSA, Mr Bungle and early Incubus. Dürtbürd’s eclectic approach to writing and arranging their music makes for unpredictable and compelling listening.

Their new single ‘Puddin’ is the first of three singles that are part of a full-length album , titled: ’The Dürtbürd Children’s’ Book of Cautionary Tales for Adults’, which is due for Independent release in early 2023.

Speaking about the new single and the concept of the band, bassist, Johno explained:

Dürtbürd and our characters were born out of the kind of monumental halarious shit-talking that happens at the end of a long drinking session. We’re talking greasy, grimy ,small-town characters in dark tales, reflecting the state we had gotten ourselves into on that night, from socially awkward murderers (‘Shake Shake Fail’), to a woman with a sexual proclivity for ‘Priests (Priestiality)’ and there’s even a song about the fictional bar that they all poison with their presence (Mongans Discotheque).

He continues: “Puddin'” is about one such character who, under duress from his unsatisfied lady-friend and in an effort to “do sex good”’ turns to the least helpful of “internet materials” for instruction. Injury and humiliation ensue.

There is no question that Dürtbürd are accomplished musicians and with their own DIY studio set up, the band are free to explore their sonic boundaries and push expectations to higher levels of creativity.

As well as recording and producing their own music, the band have created a series of animated characters that are all part of a bigger concept lined to the forthcoming album.

Dürtbürd are a ‘durt-rock’ 4-piece based out of, Kildare, Ireland, consisting of Johno Leader (Bass), David McDonald (Guitar), Phil Donnery (Drums) and Jimmy Deface (Vocals).

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