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Progression, or more generally, change, is a constant in music; in order to adapt and survive, you must grow and develop – and no band knows that more than midwestern metal act Of Virtue.

What began as a humble, promising metalcore act born from the blistering chill and barren fields of mid-Michigan has erupted into an internationally recognised, and critically acclaimed alternative powerhouse.

Playing this year’s UK Tech FestFull ForceSummer BreezeFallen Fortress, 6K Fest and Upheaval festival and accruing a staggering 7 million plus streams on their new SINNER EP on Spotify alone, Of Virtue’s growth is nothing short of jaw-dropping.

Introducing ‘Omen‘, their most ambitious and heartfelt project to date. This album represents a journey of artistic growth, experimentation, and soul-searching. Including the SINNER EP together with eight additional tracks in total, this brand new album is all about soaring heavy anthems to fierce ballads.

Photo – Alex Bemis

Set for September 29th, ‘Omen‘ will be available in limited coloured vinyls, and CD, together with unique merch options via this link.

Check out the latest single below…

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