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For fans of Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Pelican, Russian Circles and Explosions in the Sky (to name but a few), Portland four-piece, Another Neighbour Disappeared, present their brand of alternative instrumental Rock with new single ‘Molar’.

Taken from the forthcoming new album, ‘How To Stay Conscious While Drowning’ the band delve deep into murky, ominous and hypnotic realms of creativity with one purpose – to transport the listener to higher planes.

Speaking of the new single, the bands says; “The track, ‘Molar’ was inspired by an overwhelming sense of anxiety, specifically associated with the growing void in todays society. The flourishing intensity of the track reflects the increasing stress that society puts on people, driving them to a breaking point or sorts”.

Check out the official video for ‘Molar’ below…

More info:

Another Neighbor Disappeared is an American four-piece instrumental alternative/experimental band hailing from Portland, Oregon.

Known for their dense combinations of different melodies and extended track lengths. Their distinctive sound draws from post-rock, math-rock, and other heavier influences.

When performing live, Another Neighbor Disappeared is noted for their ability to replicate and even expand upon their recorded material. This is achieved through the use of sampling, an extensive array of effect pedals, and loop pedals to build layers of sound. Their live shows are atmospheric, highlighting their entirely instrumental style.

The band’s sound has evolved towards a more indie/experimental direction, with increased use of effects and cleaner guitars. While they are often compared to bands like Russian Circles and God Is an Astronaut, they cite heavier acts such as, And So I Watch You from Afar, Body Hound, and Pelican as recent influences.

Although they employ the standard soft/loud dynamic common to most post-rock bands, Another Neighbor Disappeared prefers tightly structured songs and melodies over the genre’s typical expansive compositions.

In 2023, the band underwent a lineup change, welcoming back their original drummer and subsequently releasing their third album. This new offering showcases a more robust and driven sound compared to their previous releases.

With the introduction of samples and keys, their songs now have a much larger and more dynamic sound.


Another Neighbor Disappeared EP (2015)
Another Neighbor Disappeared (2019)
How to Stay Conscious While Drowning (2024)

Another Neighbor Disappeared are:

Darryl O’Beirne – Guitar

Peter Schauer – Bass

Mark Willey – Drums

Julian Smith – Guitar

The bands new album, ‘How to Stay Conscious While Drowning‘ will be available on June 28th. Check out the cover artwork below…

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