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POSSESSED frontman Jeff Becerra, who was shot in a robbery in 1989, leaving him partially paralyzed and wheelchair-bound, says that he was able to walk again for the first time in over 30 years with the help of robotic legs.

On Saturday, September 18th, Becerra shared a video of him taking a few steps at what appears to be a physical therapy facility or a hospital.

The singer included the following message: I walked again! I walked again for the first time in over 30 years with the help of robotic legs #jeffbecerra #possessed #possessedband #rewalk #rewalkrobotics #smallmiracles”.

POSSESSED originally split in 1987, leaving behind a short but highly influential legacy, most notably their 1985 “Seven Churches” debut, widely considered to be the first-ever death metal album.

Internal tensions after the release of 1987’s “The Eyes Of Horror” EP led to the band’s dissolution, with guitarist Larry Lalonde joining Bay Area tech-thrashers BLIND ILLUSION, then PRIMUS, while Becerra, guitarist Mike Torrao and drummer Mike Sus each going separate directions.

Two years after POSSESSED’s split, Becerra was the victim of a failed armed robbery attempt, subsequently leaving him paralyzed from the chest down and sending him into a spiral of drug and alcohol abuse.

POSSESSED was reactivated by Torrao in 1990 with a completely different lineup, but only released two demos before dissolving in 1993. Becerra then reformed POSSESSED in 2007 with his own lineup, which is gearing up to release their first studio album in 33 years, “Revelations Of Oblivion“.

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