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Ireland’s contemporary Metal artists, AeSect have released a punishing new single as follow up to last years ‘Revolutionary Suicide’. Listen to ‘Simulacra’ below…

Clocking in at just under five and a half minutes, AeSect’s new track ‘Simulacra’ is a melodic powerhouse of crushing riffs and soaring vocals, proving that the four-piece, have indeed, struck a rich vein of creativity since their return last year.

AeSect follow their previous stand-alone single, ‘Revolutionary Suicide’, with a captivating fusion of Progressive Death/Tech Metal with lashings of  melodic intensity, resulting in ‘Simulacra’.

Check out the crushing new single/video below;

Commenting on the inspiration for the new single, vocalist/bassist, Willow says; “The Concept for the song comes from the term “Simulacrum” or “Simulacra”. This term is usually used when referring to art as a median, however I thought it worked really well when used while referring to psychopathy and the slow descent into madness. Specifically one person’s struggle with multiple personalities and lack of control as to which one you “Are”.

With regards to ‘Simulacra’ giving a good indication as to where AeSect are going creatively, he says; “The album itself is not a concept album so each track has its own theme and vibe, but album is fully loaded with low and slow, heavy, fast, Thrashy and groovy riffs, the rest of the guys sync really well musically throughout the album, it’s a joy to watch at times. It’s clear they’ve been playing together for years and share a lot of common influences, which get a subtle nod throughout. I like to think that I throw the odd curve ball in with regards to direction and my influences”.

When asked about what stands out about ‘Simulacra‘, the singer responds; “For me as the Vocalist it has to be the clean vocals and the harmonies on the outro,  this is something that may come across as a marmite moment, some people will hate the fact we’ve put clean vocals in, and some dare I say it may even like it. Another thing from a vocal point of view is that the chorus never repeats each time it comes around the story has progressed and the lyrics are different.”

For now the band are slowly drip-feeding new tracks and have not decided on a concrete release date for the full LP.

AeSect are:

Bass/Vocals – Willow

Drums – Luke Peteres

Guitars – Dave Kennedy

Guitars – Aidan O’Holloran

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