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By far, one of Ireland’s most exciting new underground/unsigned projects, Restive Nation have begun their campaign for the release of their new album with the first single ‘Revolt/Reanimate’. 

Restive Nation continues their exploration into their collective sonic hive with ‘Revolt/Reanimate’, a punk-infused, electro-banger, that draws influence from The Prodigy, Killing Joke & Nine Inch Nails.

Featuring three vocalists, the track encapsulates exactly what Restive Nation are all about. The song resembles the rebirth of the band as a six-piece and is an embodiment of their electronic roots as a group.

Speaking of the track, the band commented: “The main vocal idea was written by Tony [Carberry, vocals] and is a homage to his love affair with the undead and zombie movies. The Theme is straight to the point; pissed off and frustrated with everyday life.”

Check out the new single/video here:

We spoke to the guys about the new single and plans for the album. Get up to speed below…

OD – ‘Revolt/Reanimate’ is the first single to emerge from what we have learned is the new album from Restive Nation. In your opinion, is this a good representation of what to expect from the rest of the album?

Tony Carberry [VOCALS] – That’s a great question! For me, ‘Revolt/Reanimate’ signifies the many layers of Restive Nation. As you journey through this album you’re going to experience and feel many textures, each more different than the last, but also very cohesive in its delivery.

OD – With regards to the album, have you decided on a release date and title yet?

Ciarán Timmy Lynch [BASS] – We’ve decided to go for a self-titled album. The reasoning here is because it’s very much a new incarnation/line-up for Restive Nation, and we’re feeling the strongest we’ve ever been.

Every member is firing on all cylinders and what better way to celebrate this than with a proud self-titled album. As for the release date, we don’t want to give that away just yet but it will be sometime early Spring 2022.

OD – The band has always been known for writing very eclectic compositions with a plethora of influences woven throughout. Are there any tracks on the album that you would consider to be a new level of experimentation for the band and if so, can you tell us the name of the track?

Chris Cahill [Guitars] – ‘Red Mist’ is definitely a track that has seen RN take on new heights. The track features a spoken word story from Atmahead about alien abduction. This crazy narrative sits on top of an intense industrial musical bed. There are even some twisted surf rock elements in there. It’s definitely another anti-song of ours for sure.

OD – Of course, the album was recorded over the last 18 months during lockdown restrictions, was there a lot of chaos behind the scenes to meet certain deadlines, or did it all fall into place as planned?

Chris Cahil – We gave ourselves plenty of time to get the whole album together but we did meet some heavy roadworks along the way. Mixes that have needed saving last minute and of course doing it all over zoom was a mega challenge.

Over lockdown instead of rehearsals we had zoom meetings to keep up to date and get the ball rolling on certain things. As soon as we came back to it though we’ve been in constant motion with the album and playing again.

OD – Will we be hearing another single in the coming months and if so, what song and when can we expect a release date?

Ciarán Timmy Lynch – Yes, so this will be followed by another video single called ‘Act III‘ on September 17th. ‘Act III’ is one of my personal favourites, and is a different vibe entirely to ‘Revolt/Reanimate’.

It’s a slow, dark, prog builder with influences rooted in the likes of Tool and Mastodon with very thought-provoking lyrics. Just like ‘Revolt/Reanimate’, ‘Act III’ will be available exclusively on our YouTube channel, until the album drops.

Revolt/Reanimate’ is the first release from the forthcoming self-titled album from Restive Nation, which is due for release in Spring 2022.

For more information on Restive Nation, please visit this link.

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