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Off the back of a blistering performance at Bloodstock Festival last weekend, PSYKOSIS today unveil a new music video for ‘Driller Killer’, the first single from their debut full length album, ‘Welcome To The Psyko Ward’. See the video below..


Frontman Grant Walsh comments, “We chose ‘Driller Killer’ as our single because it shows a lot of playing styles and is a good example of what the album is sounding like. It’s fast, catchy, funky and thrashy, you can bang your head, sing along or dance to it.”

“The song is written about the serial Killer Jeffery Dalmer, who used to drill into his victims brains and pour eroding acid into the drill hole to make his victim a lifeless drone to obey his every command, so we thought that was pretty cool topic, and started writing ‘Driller Killer’.”

Check out the full official video below.

Hailing from Dublin, Ireland Psykosis formed in 2008 after a booze fuelled binge and desire to inject some good fun into the rich but sombre Irish metal scene. The band began honing their sound on the stages of Dublin and progressed to headliner gigs and support slots with internationally recognised acts such as D.R.I., Sacred Reich, Evile, Blaze Bayley and Gama Bomb.

The band got their first break in mainland UK when they were invited to Bloodstock Open Air in the summer of 2014 after winning the Irish Metal 2 The Masses. Their performance has gone down in the history books of the festival as during their set Psykosis and their crew threw out hundred’s of bottles of home brew just prior to performing the song ‘Beach Party’, a song which the band were more than happy to share their inflatable beach toys with the appreciative crowd for. From that moment the band have been inviting folk all across the UK to their fun filled shows as well as having set sail and ventured to far flung places (from little old Ireland at least) such as Metal Days in Slovenia and more. Last weekend saw the band return to Bloodstock, with twice as much beer and twice as many inflatables, and coincidentally, one of those inflatable whales was spotted days later in the crowd as Gojira’s played their epic, ‘Flying Whales’. Things are certainly looking up for the Irish lads!

Photo: Down The Barrel Photography ©2016

Photo: Down The Barrel Photography ©2016

Welcome To The Psyko Ward is set for release 16th September and is available to order HERE.


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