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Sometimes an album comes your way that literally slaps you across the chops and you think; “Where the Fuck did that come from?”

Raum Kingdom who hail from the east coast of Ireland have just released their new album ‘Monarch’ and have pretty much mastered the art of cross pollinating Doom and Sludge with a peppering of ambience, somewhat akin to Tool’s gentler moments (especially in Dave Lee’s vocals).

Think a HEAVIER Cult Of Luna with more pretty moments, and added ugliness to-boot.

Now in most cases when a band releases an album it would usually be fraught with a mix of excitement and hope, of what comes next etc etc, but sadly during the initial finishing stages of writing ‘Monarch’ the sudden, and definite untimely passing of bassist Ronan ‘Bones’ Connor in March 2021 put the album on hiatus.

Fast forward just shy of three years, and Raum Kingdom have released what I believe is not only a 44-minute aural display of grief, and darkness, but also that of celebration. I didn’t know ‘Bones’ personally, but I know we breathed the same metal air, and we would have been mates.

Just listen to the album opener ‘Red Admiral’ as it wastes no time slamming into a thunderous groove-laden sludge fest, to then switch cars in just over two minutes with clean guitars, and vocals showing the bands ability to mix two genres not usually known for hanging out at the same bar. But they do. And it works really well too!

Throughout the album you will be pulled in all directions before album closer ‘Pieris’ a ninue-minute Sludge ballad literally takes your ears on a rollercoaster of emotions. Stunning!

When I first heard the backstory of this album, and the tragedy that befell them, I am glad that the guys carried on making this record, giving ‘Bones’ the musical send off that I believe is truly deserved.

Cathartically heavy, beautiful yet angry. Love it! 5/5

Monarch‘ is out NOW via this link.


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