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Restive Nation have been riding the success of their latest studio release ‘Lucidum’ with a series of singles/videos that have caught the attention of critics and fans from across the UK and Europe. 

Yesterday the band released an acoustic version of, ‘Descent’, the last single to be released form ‘Lucidum’.

Check out the video below:

Commenting on the video, bassist Ciaran Lynch said:

This is the 2nd video in our ‘Acoustic Series’. The series is a run of acoustic renditions of our back catalogue which we record, shoot and edit ourselves. It is our response to the pandemic, it would never have been a thing had Coronavirus not happened. It’s us doing what we can with the cards we have been dealt with.

You have to do your best to turn a negative into a positive and this is a completely unexpected venture for Restive Nation. We are known for creating multi-layered highly textured music but with restrictions in place we can’t all get to our studio at the same time and we certainly can’t play live.

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So, we were forced adapt and we began to strip our songs to the bone to make them playable with limited members and we found they were just as effective in this format…. Who knew?! But the bottom line is that these have been so much fun to make and there’s an incredible sense of pride once a track is complete because it has been a 100% in-house job.

Our first in the series was Lucidum EP track ‘The Prouder Ones’. It was really an experiment to see what we could do ourselves and we were surprised by the outcome. The response to the track was mega and it inspired us to keep going with our own staggered version of MTV Unplugged.

This is an acoustic rendition of the 2nd single from the recent Lucidum EP, which was released complete with a lyric video in August 2020.

This version features Chris Cahill (Guitar & Vocals) Ciarán Timmy Lynch (Bass) and Pawney (vocals).

The band are currently working on a series of acoustic versions which they plan to release over the next year or so.

For more information, please visit this link.

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