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Ireland’s Restive Nation present a powerful live performance studio play-through of ‘The Fortune of Suffering’. Check it out below…

If ever there was a perfect example of a free creative entity, Dublin-based Restive Nation fit that very description.

Fusing influences and elements of Metal, Electronic, Industrial, Progressive and Rock, the three-piece deliver a confident new live studio recording of ‘The Fortune of Suffering‘, which showcases their ability to pen smart, captivating music loaded with, left-of-centre subject matter, clever arrangements and progressive twists and turns.

Check out ‘The Fortune of Suffering‘ live studio recording below…

Speaking of the track, the band says; “The Fortune Of Suffering is and ode to some of our heavier prog inspirations like Opeth and Mastodon. The song is about the people who enjoy wallowing in the suffering of life and will never escape it. We’ve spent the last year or two road testing it and refining it for recording.”

When asked what plans lay ahead for Restive Nation in 2024, they explain; “We’ve been spending a lot of time grafting and crafting in the studio, getting back to the band’s heart and capturing the original essence of RN.

We’ve been exploring more themes, styles and concepts and staying completely original among the heavier scenes. We’ve got an EP’s worth of material already demo’d and more ideas are constantly flowing, we find that when we hit a creative peak it’s best to get the head down and explore all avenues, so who knows how much material this current spurt will spawn, we’re excited to see where it takes us.”

In case you missed it, check out their studio recording of ‘Descent‘ below;

Their full length self-titled LP was released in 2022 and is available via streaming platforms and some very limited vinyl. Click here to purchase.

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