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Regarded as one of Punks most seminal debut albums, Dead Kennedys, ‘Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables’ gets a polish up thanks to Chris Lord-Alge. But not everyone’s happy about it…

So, here we are in 2022, the world is falling to pieces and the youth of today are generally more interested in what’s happening on reality-style dating shows than the importance of impactful music that informs and educates.

I know, I know, it’s a shit-show, but at least we have the memories, the great music that guided us through the hardships of the 70’s, ’80s, and I guess, the ’90s.

So, when one of the most important albums of Punk’s star-studded genre gets a simple make-over, no one really expected there to be a panty-twisting reaction from one such vocalist.

If case you’ve not heard, former Dead Kennedys frontman, Jello Biafra aka, Eric Reed Boucher, is not happy with ‘Mix 2022‘, in fact he went as far as to publish a short essay about the matter and condemned the release of this album.

In said essay, he admits that the sound is “a little fuller and warmer” and proceeds to lambaste his former band mates, and Lord-Alge, for not being consulted throughout the process.

Whatever side you’re on, all I’m interested in is whether the mix adds to the overall enjoyment of this classic album or, like many pointless decisions to re-make classic iconic moments in entertainment history, it was a complete waste of time.

In short, my verdict is no! Sure, the classic will always be just that “a classic” and it does, for nostalgic purposes, hold a very dear place in my vinyl collection.

But I have to admit, the knob twiddling from Lord-Alge adds to the overall impact of ‘Fresh Fruit… Mix 2022‘. I’m sure it’s not the news that you’d want to hear if your a purest, or audiophile elitists, but as the owner of an original vinyl copy [Yes, the one with the original band photo on the back cover], there are noticeable differences, all of which are a plus.

Biafra was indeed correct, the overall sound IS warmer and with a stronger presence and less ‘muddy‘ than the original. The clarity of all members, East Bay Ray, Ted, Klaus Fluoride, Jello Biafra and even, the rare inclusion of 6025’s guitars on, ‘Ill In The Head‘ [one of the few times the band is heard as a five-piece] is crystal clear, so what’s the problem, Jello!

The ‘Mix 2022‘ comes with a booklet and a huge double-sided poster. If you’re on the fence about investing in this, then let me put your mind at rest. There are far worse things happening in the world right now than a re-mix of a classic Punk album so just quite your bitching and go buy a copy. 4/5

Purchase ‘Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables Mix 2022via this link.

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