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Dead Label, one of the hardest working bands in the Irish metal scene, returns with ‘Anthology’, their first new material since 2016’s ‘Throne Of Bones’.

It’s obvious from the first listen that they’ve been honing their craft as they spent the last few years burning a course across the European festival circuits and this EP will surely garner the band new supporters.

The band sound meatier than before, both ‘Pure Chaos‘ and ‘Flux‘ with huge bouncing bass and crunchy guitars have the potential to become massive festival crowd-pleasers.

The band’s hunger and aggression really shine through on ‘Triggered‘, but there’s also the sound of a band maturing, especially on ‘False Messiah‘, the vocals, in particular, are strong here, soaring along with the melodies, but still maintaining an angry snarl.

The whole EP reminds the listener of glorious festival days, bouncing up and down in the afternoon sun and unleashing hell in the mosh pit.

Better days are ahead, the festivals will return, and this EP will convince you that if the God of Rock prevails, Dead Label will be slaughtering main stages across the globe, orchestrating countless ‘walls of chaos!’ 7/10

Check out the latest single/video ‘Deadweight‘ below;

Anthology‘ will be available from Friday, April 9th. For more information on Dead Label, please visit this link.

Eoin Lawlor 2021