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Some twenty eight years and now eight albums in, Deftones have had a more than interesting history, from tragedy to personal issues that have all caused delays with albums etc. The Californian quintet continue to produce high quality alternative Rock with that touch of anarchy and the ability to incorporate different and sometimes unusual sounds and rhythms.


The latest release Gore contains eleven really good tracks of different styles, in places there’s certainly still a very heavy vibe to this band, and it’s always been where I think they are at their best, that little bit of spark of aggression that elevates their music out of a potential quagmire that a lot of alt rock can fall into.

This is a band however that have always had more class about them than the average in their field. Having said that, a track like “Hearts/Wires” which is one of the slower more brooding numbers is excellent and has that ability cut right through you, a delicate piece with a tonne of power behind it, the arrangements and composition of these songs is a joy, there seems at times to be a struggle between what direction they are going to take things in, but there’s just a depth here, you aren’t always sure at times if it’s going to pick up in pace, but what they have created works, and if you are prepared to take the trip with them it’s certainly worth the effort.

The aptly titled “Doomed User” is a grim slab of metal laden doom, on the opposite end of the musical scale to “Hearts/Wires” but just as powerful and gripping. Chino Moreno is on top form throughout the album and as always is ably assisted by Carpenter and Cunningham, with Delgado creating some interesting textures on keyboards and Vega working really will within what is an extremely well oiled unit, a band that certainly doesn’t change members for the sake of it. There are often reported tensions in the camp, particularly between Moreno and Carpenter, but creative tensions often lead to creating a bands best works.

More highlights from Gore are “Phantom Bride” with some lovely guitar work and a well woven story, almost a ballad in many ways, but it holds up so well with ebbs and flows and tempo changes all add to a little monster of a finish as the riff gets heavier, but it’s a cracking track, and the excellent closer “Rubicon” show just how far this bad has come in it’s development, I don’t think Deftones are a band that like to follow one album with another of the same formula.

Not always the most easy of bands to get into without a bit of work, but why should music be just conventional, breaking your own mould is often a sign you are moving in the right direction, and with Gore these guys are. 4/5

Gore is out now on Reprise Records and available from all good record stores as well as online.

Tracklisting :-


Acid Hologram

Doomed User

Geometric Headdress


Pittura Infamante




Fantom Bride (feat Gerry Cantrell)


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