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The wait has been far too long, but today that wait has come to an end! The crushing new self-titled EP from Hero In Error is finally released!

“Quality, not quantity”, that’s what’s on offer here with the blistering new EP from metallic-hardcore brutes, Hero In Error, as they rip off their hiatus bandaid with a sensational three track EP.

Opening with the first new single, ‘Enemy Within‘, the absolute intensity of the production comes in warm and in your face as chunky, Spiritbox-style slabs of aural concrete come through the speakers thick and fast.

Vocalist, Kaan Tasan (Heart of a Coward) wastes no time in doing what he does best with a gritty, melodic punch in the guts, which provides the perfect skyline over the aural landscape, provided by guitarists, Rob Powerdly and Gary Regan, Stephen Reilly (drums) and bassist, Jay Doyle.

What follows is ‘Moths to a Flame’ (listen below), which kicks in with a formidable intro, before a galloping, thrashing riff smashes through, to Tasan’s breathtaking gritty, melodic chorus.

Rounding off the EP is, ‘Left in Your Absence‘, which starts with post-hardcore vibes, circa 2010, but quickly migrates into a giant anthem that I can only imagine will ignite absolute chaos in a live setting. Excellent stuff indeed! 5/5

My only criticism is that I want more! Which is not a bad thing at all. Hero In Error have returned with an EP that is, if anything a taster of what’s to come. Loaded with a huge presence, excellent songwriting and a sensational production to boot, this EP has left me drooling for more.

Listen to the full EP here.

Catch Hero in Error live in Dublin Workmans, April 18th, Limerick, Dolans 19th, and Cork 20th (Sold Out). For more information on tickets, please visit this link. Support from Worn Out on all dates, with Jenova in Cork and Dublin, War of Attrition, Limerick.

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