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LaVein have only been a band for literally, a handful of months and have not only made it to the highly coveted Bloodstock Festival Metal 2 The Masses Ireland Final, but now also unleash this absolute savage EP!

Dublin’s metallic hardcore quintet LaVein only began as a band at the very beginning of this year and already with a handful of gigs under there belt they now release to the world their debut EP ‘Fine Failure’, a six track 19 minute roundhouse kick to the audible senses.

Starting with the sound of feedback, opening intro track ‘We Know Who You Really Are’ starts with a stomping beatdown riff as if it’s a call to arms, the preceding battle cry as ‘Your Hate Is Not Ours’ fully begins to open up the aural circle pit.

A mid-paced grooving slab of hardcore metal, verses breakdown to bass and drums as vocalist Peter Cooney delivers pummelling line after line. This has a nice breakdown, finishing the song off somewhat predictable, but also correctly. Not only is this a great way to start an EP, but I imagine live this is how you would start your set off too.

Things shift a few gears into the brutal-WTF category with ‘Crash The Gates’ sounding like Dillinger Escape Plan on an overdose of ketamine! Vocally, Cooney sounds like a hybrid of Greg Pucatio, and Raging Speedhorn’s Frank Regan. And the music continues to pummel, searing guitars and so much groove, necks could be broken from the head banging. ‘Memories Lost In a Wave’ give drummer Lachlan Hill a moment to shine on the intro as the dual guitars of messers Connor Molloy, and Jamie Coombs bring riff after riff, like no tomorrow.

What’s great about these songs is they can switch from an ear drum grenade to stomping sludge-fest foot tappers in a moment catching you off guard. ‘Don’t go in the Water’ sounds more Lamb of God than Dillinger…, and this is a stand out track from the EP for me. Just go listen to it and you can thank me later. Closing the EP off is title track ‘Fine Failure’ which is a great mix of everything you’ve heard thus far.

It isn’t JUST about be sheering brutality or extremity, LaVein really have niched that good balance of having a real groove element and catchy riffs within their songs but in the same moment, making sure you know they could be the most dangerous band in the room.

To think these guys are not even six months into their ‘career’ as a band is almost scary. Whatever comes next, I can see many a sweaty filled mosh pit welcoming them with open arms and bloody noses. Pretty savage stuff! 8/10

For more information on LaVein and to purchase ‘Fine Failure‘, please visit this link.

Catch LaVein at this years Bloodstock Metal 2 The Masses Ireland Grand Final.

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