Review: Metal 2 The Masses Heat 3

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As we move a little closer to the semi-finals of Ireland’s Bloodstock Metal 2 The Masses 2015, the competition is heating up with performances last weekend from Lace Weeper, Alabaster, Megacone, Minus Ten Thousand Hours, The Dark Lanes and Raum Kingdom.


One of the more Rock based heats of this years M2TM’s began with Dublin’s three piece Rockers, The Dark Lanes opening the show in a flurry of groove based road blocking tunes! Dressed in fire truck red, singer and guitarist Kevin O’Byrne moves around the stage like a frantic electric current that has no intention to burn out any time soon. Backed up with Deborah O’Brien on bass who drops rumbling four string riff’s that could quite possibly cure the worlds problems.

The Dark Lanes3

The Dark Lanes have a fight on their hands tonight and as they rip through their short set they prove to be well up for the task in throwing their hat into the ring for a chance to play at this years Bloodstock Festival. A few minor technical glitches with Kevin’s guitar does not dampen the bands spirits and as they smash through their set it most certainly sets the pace for tonight’s show.

Next to grace the stage are Lace Weeper, who have just completed their debut album “Where The Crow Flies” (yes flies). These guys are just a force to be reckoned with when witnessed live and as vocalist Sebastian Florek commands the stage, as if he were standing in front of a stadium of rabid fans, it makes for a highly entertaining viewing. These guys are a top quality band, who are ready to explode regardless of what happens with their campaign for Bloodstock 2015.

Guitarist, Matt Hayward was simply born to do this for a living and as he churns out riffs that would have Jerry Cantrell (Alice In Chains) sniffing around, eyes are drawn to the band overall on stage. Lace Weeper are most comfortable when ripping out loud kick ass melodies and as low slung bassist, Os Andres pulls shapes and gives his strings a battering, drummer Kevin Liffy thunders the drum kit and keeps the very strong heart of Lace Weeper beating with determination and courage.

Lace Weeper 4

As we approach the halfway mark of tonight’s event, Raum Kingdom take to the stage and set their doom guns to stun! With a sound that very much has a Deftones / Tool feel to it, Raum Kingdom add their own blend of 20,000 legues under the sea heaviness and manage to tremble the glassware behind the bar! This four piece from Co. Louth bring mountain sized riffs that pulse thorough the venue and as vocalist Dave Lee stalks the lip of the stage offering the audio contents of his lungs, one can’t help but think that Raum Kingdom are a band that will definably be spear heading the Irish Metal scene in the next year or so. In fact, the band are heading over to Belgium to play some dates next month and should be marked down as a must see on your gig calender, should you have the chance.

Raum Kingdom 4

In keeping with the heavy sounds tonight, Minus Ten Thousand Hours take to the stage and literally smash the shit out of everything. Imagine stepping inside a tornado for just a moment and what you will experience is cross pollinated Metal, with major fucking attitude. With a hint of Dillinger Escape Plan and not enough meds in the world, Minus Ten Thousand hours are a captivating band that go straight for the jugular with a broken bottle in hand. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Minus 10000 Hours 1

After a brief change over and a fresh pint in hand, it’s time for Co. Meath four piece, Alabaster who don’t waste any time in keeping the momentum of the night flowing. Monster sized riffs bleed from the venue’s PA, as vocalist Connor Donnelly rasps and spits pure fucking venom to all that stand before him. Alabaster have a tight, groove steady sound that has moments of Sepultura all mixed up with the fierce Punk style flavours of Gallows and Fugazi. Drummer Donal Bowens and bassist Luke Moore have a noticeable connection that drives the very beating heart of Alabaster. Throw in the savage guitar riffs lashed out by Colin Brady and what you get is the audio equivalent of punch in the face! Fantastic!


Final band of the night to perform are Megacone, who are the only instrumental band to take part in this years M2TM to date. As a five piece, Megacone can produce the most crunching melodies and riffs that would have Tool standing to attention. Unpredictable compositions that are laced with twists and turns, keep the venue’s attention throughout.  A band that are destined to make waves and prove people wrong, Megacone perform with confidence and professionalism which leaves the capacity of Fibbers itching for more!


With all the votes in and the judges verdict decided upon, the outcome of the night was as follows:

Crowd Vote – Lace Weeper

Judges Vote – Megacone.

The next Metal 2 The Masses event will be heat 4, on Saturday February 28th at 7pm with a fantastic live up from Snowblind, Devolted, Enshrined, Chemical Sacrement, Road Rash and Constriptor. Admission is €5 and each punter will receive a voting slip upon entry. Find out more by clicking on the graphic below.

Metal 2 The Masses heat 4Words – Oran O’Beirne

Photography – Steve Dempsey: Down The Barrel Photography

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