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Ladies and Gentlemen, we have arrived at the final heat in the 2015 Metal 2 The Masses Ireland series of events, in which all 36 bands who have taken part will have now shown us what they can do. We have seen some unbelievable talent over the previous five heats,  which has been a heartwarming, intense and truly breathtaking experience and definitely a bitch to judge as the level of superb bands that have taken part this year, is one of the highest we have ever had to deal with. Overdrive sent down Karyn Corrigan to get the low down on all taking part!


Coming straight from the sunny south east of Ireland, 12 Gauge Outrage are first to the stage. Originally a three piece back in 2013,the band have come on leaps and bounds with Harpur egging on the crowd while simultaneously playing an intricate solo at one stage. Boasting influences from Metallica to Killswitch Engage all the way to Megadeth, the band power through their set with confidence and maturity. Owing to their past experience in gigging, playing Waterford’s Metal Fest and a range of gigs around Wexford, Waterford and Dublin, the band are well capable of opening a show like Metal 2 the Masses and handle the pressure brilliantly. Enjoying a honest following from Wexford and Waterford, the band hope to gain more exposure for bigger and better gigs in the future and are using this opportunity to pre-promote their album which will be coming out this Summer.


For more information on 12 Gauge Outrage hit this link.

Next up is the mighty Nautilus and a high hopes are riding on this performance for the guys. Having played the competition last year the guys got to the semi-finals, but with a new line-up the lads are ready to give it all they have got. Coming well-rehearsed the band opens with a pre-recording spoken word intro that hushes the crowd and creates an atmosphere of curiosity. The open song displays elements of the Down, Crowbar which the band list as some of their influences. There is a definite bang of Rise Above Records off them, which in my book is nothing but good! Another prominent inspiration that is evident is Sylosis, who feature a lot as the night goes on. The band definitely know their way around their instruments, with long instrumental intro and outros to captivate the audience. Nautilus decimate Fibbers with their low end, mountain rumbling fuzz and bring the level of tonight’s performance standard to lofty heights. Excellent!


Find out more about Nautilus on this link.

The halfway mark sees the Metalcore ensemble Here We Stand take to the stage. With a new front-man leading the charge, the band don’t appear phased at all; and why should they – they just came second in CIT’s Battle of the Bands. With a larger following than the bands before them, Here We Stand are very different genre wise to what we have seen on stage this evening. With plenty of air jumps and catchy chorus’ this band gets everyone up jumping, cheering and leaving a general good taste in your mouth. The band has great energy and knows how to promote themselves. Using the Metal to the Masses event as a way to increase awareness around the band, they will be launching their second EP soon and causing havoc around the country in honor of it.


To find out more about Here We Stand, click on this link.

By the time Pethrophia step on stage, the crowd has changed. A more weathered and settled audience push forward to support the Death Metal five piece. With real energy under the hood, this band fluidly continues Here We Stand’s performance, taking it to the next level. Vocalist Chris Daly walks into the crowd audaciously, moshing with friend and foe all the same. For the opportunity to play Bloodstock, the band took a risk and joined the  Metal 2the Masses campaign; but remaining true to their roots, they are still happy to play Fibber Magees also. After playing sixteen gigs since January this year, the band are well rehearsed and ready to show everyone a good time with bassist Kennedy stepping into the crowd and Daly dancing with anyone he can get his hands on. By their last song, their have the crowd moshing, jumping and cheering their name. With influences like Sylosis, Whitechapel, After the Burial and Lamb of God, the band are by far the heaviest band here tonight, raising the bar for Alpheidae to follow.


Check out more on PETHROPHIA on this link.

Setting to the stage with the impression of weathered musicians, these guys have only been together 2 years, but have a tonne of experience to draw from, they may as well have a permanent slot here in Fibbers, as the crowd cannot get enough of them. Boldly parading influences of Lamb of God and Amon Amarth among others, the band know their sound and manage to sound unique, with switching between black metal and thrash. From the offset the floor is full for Alpheidae’s performance and the feedback is all positive, even from the other bands of the night. Vocalist Singleton, commands attention from the crowd with ease, introducing members of the band before taking drummer Zach’s hat and playing an amazing outro. The band finishes on a high and did exactly what they came to do; gain promotion and experience. Now recording their album which they are planning to release at the start of the summer, there are certainly murmurs of good things to come for this band.


Get more information on ALPHEIDAE here.

All in all the Metal 2 The Masses Heat 6 bands delivered an outstanding night of quality Irish Metal and with the judges decision proving to be another difficult one, the result of the night was delivered to all gathered on the main floor of the now exhausted venue.

Crowd Vote – ALPHEIDAE

Judge Vote – NAUTILUS

Tomorrow night see’s METAL 2 the masses “WILDCARD” final with a line up that is has proved to be a seriously difficult selection from the previous 6 heats. It all kicks off at 7.30pm and admission is €5


Find out more about this event on the graphic below;

BOA WILDCARD FINALWords – Karyn Corrigan

Photography – Steve Dempsey Down The Barrel Photography  C 2015

Tickets for BLOODSTOCK are now on sale and can be picked up from this link.

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