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Amidst all the controversy, the drugs, the break-up’s, reunion tours, sex tapes, and restraining orders, LA’s most infamous gang of reprobates have unearthed their seminal first four studio albums entitled ‘Crucial Crue’. Here’s what we think of it…

So, for those of you who are, let’s say, of a younger vintage, it’s safe to assume that you weren’t around when Mötley Crüe put out their first batch of album’s in the early-to-mid ’80s. Now is your chance to catch them all in one swoop.

So, let’s get into the ‘Crücial Crüe‘ Box Set. What you will find is, indeed, the bands first five studio album’s, ‘Too Fast for Love‘ [1981], ‘Shout at the Devil‘ [1983], ‘Theatre of Pain‘ [1985], ‘Girls, Girls, Girls‘ [1987], and ‘Dr. Feelgood‘ [1989].

Like a time capsule of hedonistic debauchery, ‘Crücial Crüe‘, is a bombastic reminder of just how outrageous, and [un]politicly correct popular culture was during this glorious period in music history. From the over the top, glitz, and cheekbone contouring, Mötley Crüe were all about partying, loose women, fast cars, fulled by waterfalls of booze, and as tuck-loads of narcotics.

Almost as notorious for their off-stage behaviour, Mötley Crüe do have a stack of bangers that, whether you care to admit it or not, are stone cold bangers.

From ‘Live Wire‘, ‘Public Enemy #1‘, ‘Piece of Your Action‘, to the iconic, ‘Shout At The Devil‘, ‘Bastard‘, to ‘Home Sweet Home‘, ‘City Boy Blues‘, and ‘Keep Your Eyes on the Money‘, this box set is simply loaded with the bands ‘secret sauce’.

What you get here is all of the above, as well as their platinum-smashing, ‘Girls…‘, and ‘Dr. Feelgood‘ LP’s, which saw the band consume insane levels of popularity from all over the globe, including non-stop rotating videos on MTV all day long, and sell-out arenas where ever they ventured.

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For those that didn’t get the opportunity to own these landmark albums on vinyl, fear not, because, BMG have grouped all of these albums in one hard case box, with some seriously eye-catching coloured vinyl, pressed on 180gm.

It’s also worth noting that only 10,000 copies of the box set were manufactured, so if you’re a collector who is partial to some classic ’80s L.A strip Metal, this is a no-brainer.

The Crücial Crüe box set will also be released on CD & vinyl, with only 10,000 units of each configuration available globally, and can be pre-ordered at this locatio. 

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