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The Slipknot juggernaut finally rolled back onto Irish soil five years to the day they last performed in the capitals 3Arena. Find out all about the very first show of their EU/UK run of dates below…

Five years ago to the day, Slipknot graced the 3Arena stage as part of their 5th studio album ‘5: The Gray Chapter’, tonight we witness a streamlined, sharp and gloriously chaotic live show that most definitely supports the bands monumental status as one of the worlds most popular metal bands.

With a sold-out capacity still making their way into the cavernous 3Arena, Polish Black Metal veterans, BEHEMOTH burst onto the stage at 7.30 pm opening with ‘Wolves Ov Siberia‘ amidst an impressive stage production that included LED screens, pyro and a lofty drum riser for Inferno.

With the sound, a little muffled and a tad bass-heavy, frontman Nergal wasted no time in commanding the Arena with his captivating vehement enthusiasm.

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Throughout the set, we are treated to ‘Daimonos’, ‘Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer’, ‘Bartzabel’, ‘Ov Fire and the Void’, ‘God = Dog’ and the live debut of ‘Rom 5:8‘ which pulsed through the now jammed venue, inspiring pits to break out in the centre of the floor.

Bursts of pyro surged from the drum riser casting momentary silhouettes of Nergal, Seth and Orion who collectively hold their menacing presence before a sea of air-punching fists.

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The rise of Behemoth’s success over the course of ‘The Satanist‘ (2014) and the more recent “I Loved You At Your Darkest” (2018) album cycles, has been one of the biggest success stories in the world of heavy/extreme music in the last decade and judging by the reception that was presented to them tonight in Dublin, and no doubt the remaining dates on this tour, this will only perpetuate their status in the overall history of extreme music and metal as a whole.

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Finishing on ‘Sabbath Mater‘ and the resplendent ‘Chant for Eschaton 2000 E.V.‘ from 2007’s ‘The Apostasy‘ the band bid their farewell’s and leave the stage knowing they have not only won over the 14k capacity but also indoctrinated a new army of fans.

Catch Behemoth headline Bloodstock Open Air on Saturday, August 8th for what will no doubt be a momentous extravaganza. 4/5

Behemoth – Dublin 3Arena 14/01/20. Photos courtesy of Down The Barrel Photography © 2020. All Rights Reserved.

With an enormous kabooki drape displaying the band’s infamous logo hiding the stage production, Slipknot’s campaign in Europe and also their first show of 2020, is just moments away and the venue’s anticipation is at fever-pitch.

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AC/DC’s ‘For Those About to Rock‘ drifts from the house PA and before we can catch our breath, the kabooki is lifted and unveiling a massive three-tiered stage production with huge LED screens, gally bridges for Clown and ‘Tortilla Man‘ and another skyscraper drum-riser for Jay Weinberg’s impressive kit.

Having personally seen Slipknot when they were breaking the debut album back in December of 1999 in London’s infamous Astoria venue, again at Brixton Academy, Reading Festival and many other times over the last few decades in various countries, I was left a little underwhelmed with their last visit, so was intrigued for tonights performance, considering the internal changes and public issues over the last 5 years.

The glowing illuminated stage slowly began to fill with each member as they came from both left and right wings of the stage to the rumblings of ‘Insert Coin‘ and a deafening roar from the Irish punters.

With all nine members in place, ‘Unsainted‘ fills the atmosphere and almost instantly the energy levels explode all around the Arena. We are treated to ‘Disasterpiece‘ followed by immediate tour debut from ‘Eeyore‘ and live debut for ‘Nero Forte‘, which inspire multiple circle-pits and crowd surfers all over the venue. So far, so good.

A visibly slimmer looking Clown tortures his percussion rig while the mysterious ‘Tortilla Man‘ gives it hell for leather with short moments of ‘planking‘ on his kit; which is practically level with Jay’s kit behind.

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The show rolls on with ‘Before I Forget‘ and another new tour addition to the setlist – ‘New Abortion‘ from 2001’s ‘Iowa‘ release. Every square inch of the 3Arena is transfixed, captivated and ready to throw-down as hard as they can and I don’t blame them.

Corey gives his thoughts on their return to Ireland admitting that it’s one of his “favourite places in the world” before a pulverizing rendition of ‘Psychosocial’ comes smashing out of the enormous PA.

Vman’s presence is very much recognised this time around when compared to the bands live shows five years ago. His movements from the background to the lip of the stage and even shooting pyro from his bass behind the drum riser (yes, pyro was shooting from his bass and it was fucking epic) during the show is a welcome site and long may it continue.

Mick Thomson and Jim Root rip through the performance holding ground throughout casting a twinned assault that, to be honest, is flawless tonight. More new material gets an airing with ‘Solway Firth‘ sitting very nicely alongside ‘Vermilion‘ before another new addition to the setlist and live debut – ‘Birth of the Cruel‘ rumbles the foundations of the venue thanks to its slow heavy pace.

The gloves come off as we are led down a sonic abyss of hefty bangers with ‘Wait and Bleed‘, ‘Eyeless‘, ‘All Out Life‘ and ‘Duality‘ before the stage is drenched in darkness and we collectively engage in the encore chanting.

As ‘742617000027‘ plays in the background, Sid Wilson and Craig Jones prepare for (Sic), which drops like an atom bomb, resulting in a frenzy of circle pits all over the place much to the concern of the house security who venture into the middle of the chaos before realising that there’s nothing they can do.

With everybody expecting ‘Spit it Out‘, Corey leads the charge into ‘People = Shit‘ and the final K.O aural punch in the form of ‘Surfacing‘. Personally, I respect the fact that ‘Spit it Out‘ was not on the setlist.

Slipknot have never been, nor ever want to be a predictable entity and tonight they displayed a new, refreshed and deadly accurate force of nature that will fucking destroy anything in their path. 4.5/5

Setlist – Dublin 3Arena  14/01/20

  1. Unsainted
  2. Disasterpiece
  3. Eeyore
  4. Nero Forte
  5. Before I Forget
  6. New Abortion
  7. Psychosocial
  8. Solway Firth
  9. Vermilion
  10. Birth of the Cruel
  11. Wait and Bleed
  12. Eyeless
  13. All out Life
  14. (Sic)
  15. People = Shit
  16. Surfacing

Photo Gallery courtesy of Down The Barrel Photography © 2020. All Rights Reserved.

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