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The mighty Slayer made their impact with their crushing debut ‘Show No Mercy’ all the way back in 1983 and who would have thought that they would have gone on to dominate the globe and become one of the most important bands of our generation…

So, it was really a no-brainer for Metal Blade Records to celebrate this legendary album with a fantastic homage to the original pressing with their 40th Anniversary edition.

We are living in a time where every other week seems to highlight a reminder of just how old we are in the form of classic albums turning some frightful old age. None more so than ‘Show No Mercy‘. Where did the time go?

The panic of my vintage was short lived as I opened the fantastic pressing, which is housed in a thick black matte slipcase with fancy gold embossed printing on the cover.

Having grown up with this album spinning in my brothers room back in the early ’80s to obtaining my very own copy in late ’84, my expectations were very much met when my stylus worked it’s way into the grooves of opening track, ‘Evil Has No Boundaries‘ and to my delight, the mix was clean, warm, dynamic and packed that Slayer punch we all love so very much.

The added extras are a huge bonus on top of this great sounding pressing, and for those lucky to get your hands on one of these (they are limited to 6000 copies worldwide) you’ll find a ‘Show No Mercy‘ slipmat, signing card, replica flyers and a double-sided gloss poster (all circa 1983) making this 40th Anniversary a real treasure indeed.

Check out the unboxing video below and order your copy today via this link.

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