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Progressive/alt Metal project Ropemaker brainchild, David Slattery gives us a track-by-track breakdown of the new LP, ‘Interwoven’.

Drawing influences from the likes of early Mastodon, Gojira, Pelican, Keelhaul, Russian Circles, and Mono, Ropemaker’s debut album is another example of the outstanding level of talent that can be found in Ireland’s flourishing underground Metal scene. 

With two previously released singles, ‘Blue Fire For Bones‘, and ‘Paean‘, attracting significant attention from the likes of Prog Magazine [UK], and other media platforms around the globe, Ropemaker’s debut is a captivating, and impressive debut that demands the listeners attention.

What once began as a post-rock oriented project with session drummer Rory Guyett, [former Ilenkus], Slattery felt a growing disconnect with the music, and decided to steer his creativity in a much heavier style, to which he states; “I had been an avid Metalhead for twenty five years, and decided to put something together, that is far heavier, and more musically challenging than anything I had attempted previously”.

Originally from Portarlington, Laois, Slattery began working on his debut album back in 2019 in Galway, where he has resided since 2004. ‘Interwoven’ features eight brutal cuts of majestic technical, progressive-death compositions that delve into his psyche, resulting in a body of work that is another example of the quality of unsigned talent that can be found within the Irish underground.

Slattery talks us through ‘Interwoven’s’ track listing below…


This track is musically rooted in the older post rock days of Ropemaker, there are three layers of guitars and a bass track which serves as a way to introduce the album and contrast the generally pummeling nature of the rest of the album. The lead guitar was done using an Ebow at Michael Richards [Trackmix Studio’s] suggestion, which was a great off the cuff idea on his part.


This was the last track I wrote for this album, and was a reflection of my growing confidence in this project, and my happiness at being able to play a style of Metal I had always wanted to play for years, but circumstances had not allowed. It’s essentially a relentless homage to the more extreme side of Metal Music.


The inspiration from this track comes from my love of doom, and sludge metal. Bands like YOB, Crowbar, and Pelican have been favourites over the years. Doom metal places an emphasis on simplicity groove, and emotion, which is are cornerstones of the genre, and these traits, are hopefully, represented in this track


This is a tune of two halfs, and probably was the most difficult one to get completed, and edited during the writing phase. The first part is a sludge-driven, palm-muted affair, whilst the second part morphs into something more driving, and Djent-orientated. Rorys drumming is key to providing a sense of connection, and continuity between the many different parts on this track in particular.


This track found me again in the mindset of trying to challenge myself technically whilst trying to emphasise the groove, and feel in the music that makes me want to headbang along regardless of how relatively complicated certain parts are. I’m especially happy with the final section of the song that combines a drum build up section, guitar arpeggios and frantic lead playing.


This is more of a laid back melodic number, whilst still retaining the overall heavy vibe of the album.


This was written during the middle of the pandemic, and to my mind the uncertainty, and lack of direction of that time personally, and in society at large is very evident in this track.


This was the first track I had written for this album in 2019, and it reflects a musical turning point for me. I was working with a great new drummer, and from that point on I felt like the only limitation on my creativity was myself, which in turn posed the question how hard I was willing to work in order to create this Album?

Ropemaker ‘Interwoven‘ is out NOW.

Oran O’Beirne 2023