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Royal Autumn have released a stunning new video for their latest single, ‘Say Goodbye’, taken from the recently released ‘Life is Strangely Accidental’ LP. Check it out below…

Following the release of ‘Life is Strangely Accidental’ album in late February, the eclectic Rock project known as Royal Autumn have revelled details of a split single release today, Thursday, 18th May.

Watch the stunning official video for ‘Say Goodbye’, Created by Very Metal Art below…

Capturing a wide variety of influences, Royal Autumn are a unique and captivating group of artists that fuse many genres together with carefully thought out theatrics, and a blatantly deep passion for what they do.

February’s full length album, ‘Life is Strangely Accidental’ saw the band achieve some impressive reviews from critics who fell in love with their ability to weave influences such as Judas Priest, Ghost, Fleetwood Mac, Queen, Tom Petty and more…

Their collective love for old school showmanship is very much present in their live shows where on any given night you’ll be treated to a visual spectacle of exquisite stage clothes, (as well as the odd feather boa), alongside a truly authentic sense of classic old-school Rock, but with a contemporary twist.

In essence, Royal Autumn are flying the flag for classic songwriting.

Speaking of the singles and the decision to release it as a split with a remix of ‘I’ve Got A Hold On You’, vocalist Neill Marshall says; “We recognised ‘Say Goodbye’ as a single early on, but it ended up being number 4 for a couple of reasons. ‘Take it to the Grave’ was released first, prior to the album coming out as a bite-sized sample, simply due to its length, ‘L.I.S.A’ second due to it’s accessibility & the fact we had filmed a ‘Stripped’ live video for it, ‘Thin & Blond’ was always the BIG music video to be released in tandem with the album itself, as it was the most ‘visual’ song, so even though ‘Say Goodbye’ is maybe the most catchy track, it got bumped to 4th.

We opted to do a fun B-side just to make the release a little more flavourful, the album is now 2.5 months old, so we thought a new music vid AND a remix would be exciting to throw out there. IGAHOY was chosen as it’s always straddled the line between ‘Synth song’ or ‘Rock song’ – The Album version is a bop, but now we get to unleash it as a fully-realised club banger.

Royal Autumn’s latest album ‘Life is Strangely Accidental’ is out now and can be accessed here.

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