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Progressive visionaries SECTILE finally unveil the cover artwork and track-listing for their highly anticipated new album, ‘Falls Apart’.

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Regarded as one of the most promising bands in the Irish Underground, Sectile have unveiled the stunning new cover art to their new album ‘Falls Apart’, which is due for release via the bands own ‘Silver Moon Records’.

Today, the band released a statement on the album’s cover art;

As many of you know by now, our upcoming debut album will be titled ‘Falls Apart’ and it is coming out on the 25th of February! It comprises 7 songs:

1. The Hunt
2. Archetypes
3. Black Cloud
4. Boreal Void
5. Daggers
6. Favourite Sin
7. Dying Of The Lights – Purpose / Silence / Aethernity

We are also delighted to reveal the cover art, designed by our singer Gabriel Gaba! This is what Gabriel had to say about it:

The cover art for ‘Falls Apart’ is my most ambitious and challenging project to date! Designing it was a very interesting process, being the band’s lyricist, to create visual metaphors to go with what is being told in the lyrics. I knew I wanted to create a big, complex composition full of elements. There is a double meaning to ‘Fall’ in the title, and I used autumnal elements and colours to emphasise that.

The ‘Falls Apart’ theme appears more than once in the album and the zoomorphic figures are archetypes for life, death, nature, evil, beauty, time and our own mortality, as well as the human relationship to the divine, all things that are present in the lyrics. A lot of Sectile’s visual iconography nod to the infamous ‘Lesser Key of Solomon’, a (real!) medieval spell book used to, among other things, conjure demons and I always found it a fascinating source of inspiration. Those who read through the lyrics will find many easter eggs in the artwork and I hope it really resonates with them.

Sectile will be performing with AeSect and This Place Hell on January 24th in Limerick’s Pharmacia¬†(click here for event details) as well as “Heat 3” at this year’s Bloodstock Metal 2 The Masses Ireland in Fibber Magees, Dublin on February 8th. Event details here.

Click here for more details.

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