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Former members of iwrestledabearonce, announce new Spiritbox single. Get a load of the bone-crushing “Holy Roller” track right here…

Spiritbox emerged in 2017 and instantly created a fresh sound with a strong and diverse approach to contemporary heavy music.

This week sees the band release their first track from their new album. Get stuck into ‘Holy Roller‘ below;

Having toured the world as members of the eccentrically iconic metal band iwrestledabearonce, vocalist Courtney LaPlante (a member of IWABO since 2012) and guitarist Michael Stringer (a member since 2015) wanted to take their intensely personal and technical musical focus in a new creative and personal direction.

This now-husband-and-wife team have worked extremely hard at incorporating Courtney’s sense of vocal style and lyrical quality, hovering over Michael’s exquisitely forceful guitar riffs in their new band, SPIRITBOX.

A Spiritbox is a device that uses common radio frequencies as a bridge of communication with the spiritual realm. Spiritual entities wishing to communicate with the human world select certain words from music/advertisement/talk radio to communicate.

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