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Post rock band Spotlights’ fourth full length album, and third for Ipecac.


Spotlights occupy the space between a push-and- pull of jarring metallic catharsis and sweeping distortion.

Even as either side vies for supremacy, neither extreme ever completely tightens its grip, allowing waves of melodic vocals and expressive sonic sorcery to breathe in the middle.

This deft balancing act has enabled the trio – husband and wife Mario Quintero (guitar, vocals, keys) and Sarah Quintero (bass, vocals) joined by Chris Enriquez (drums) – to carve a singular lane. Armed with an uncanny ability to wield darkness or light, Alchemy For the Dead, finds them exploring something we all face, yet few embrace.

Check out the making of the album mini-doc below…

The band have made a name for themselves touring the world with the likes of Deftones, Cave In, Melvins, Quicksand and more over the past seven years.

Check out the album for yourself below…

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