Stage Presence

Investing in a Stage Backdrop or Band Scrim is a necessary decision for many bands and live performance artists who want to take their live shows to another level. The stage backdrop is a critical component for onstage image presence and the overall live experience.

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The most important factors that need to be considered prior to contacting Overdrive should be the following:

  1. Budget – How much of a budget are you considering to spend as this will determine the size and materials used when manufacturing you custom stage backdrop?

  3. Size of the backdrop – Make sure that you know what size you are looking for. You have to consider the average size of venue that your band is performing in. We have compiled a list below of measurements that suit venues of all sizes.


    – Small Club / Bar – 6’ (Length) x 8’ (Width)
    – Large Club / Small Theatre – 8’ (Length) x 10’ (Width)
    – Concert Venues / Outdoor Venues – 10’ (Length) x 12’ (Width)
    – Large Halls / Outdoor Festivals – 12’ (Length) x 20’ (Width)
    – Stadiums / Arenas – 20’ (Length) x 40’ (Width)


    *Larger backdrops / banners requires material welding technology.


  5. Backdrop Material – Overdrive uses Vinyl and Vinyl Mesh for our backdrops and both have proven to be excellent mediums for a live stage and very durable. Please take note of the difference between each of the materials below.


  • Vinyl – This is the most inexpensive out of the two. It holds vibrant sharp colours and can translate your band name / album artwork or logo with impressive fidelity and will sustain scrutiny from the typical stage lighting rig. It is also the heaver option with an average of 13 ounces per square yard and requires care to prevent from wrinkling.

  • Vinyl Mesh – Our most popular option. Vinyl Mesh has audio transparency, which allows sound to pass through without obstructing or diminishing the quality of the sound experienced by front of stage. This is also a great material for outdoor use as the elements can pass through with ease allowing the backdrop to remain still and legible at all times. In addition, this product weighs approximately 9 ounces per square yard, is easy to maintain and can endure the intensity of stage lights and a heavy touring schedule. A sharp and vibrant print can also be expected from this material.


Once you have decided to contact Overdrive

Please make sure that you have the correct artwork that you wish to have printed and that the files are in the following formats: JPEG, PDF, PNG.



Quick Turnaround Times – Turn-around for stage backdrops and band scrims is 5 days.
Great Pricing – We PROMISE to deliver the highest quality banners at the most competitive price with no compromise made on the artwork.
High Resolution Printing – Up to 360 DPI.
Eye Popping Color and Crystal Clear Sharpness – We are renowned in the industry for the clarity and sharpness of our colors and images.