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Thrash metal titans, Megadeth have been busy working on the follow-up to 2016’s ‘Dystopia’. Find out all the latest below…

Megadeth: Credit Jeremy Saffer

The forthcoming new album from the veteran Thrashers will be their 16th studio album and it’s promising to be visceral as any of their previous studio albums.

In a recent interview, bassist David Ellefson in an interview with The Dan Chan Show, the new album is almost done. Listen to the full audio interview below.

Ellefson credits the album taking forever due to serious circumstances like guitarist and vocalist Dave Mustaine having throat cancer and the COVID-19 pandemic.

The new Megadeth album is almost done — rounding the corners into the ‘final final.’ It’s funny, ’cause we’d kind of been working on it for four years. Look, COVID, of course, last year changed the course of everything, and Dave went through throat cancer treatments the year before that, 2019. So, there have been some diversions. But at the same time, the record’s always been being worked on.

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It’s funny — my view is that it’s probably kind of been in the works similar to ‘Dystopia’; we’re almost on the exact same timeline of when it’s gonna be finished, mixed [and] delivered. And, of course, as the world keeps attempting to open and then was shutting back down again, especially with live music, you always wanna try to release things around touring opportunities and promotional opportunities.

“So the fact that we’ve been able to work diligently on it and not sort of being boxed into a tour that would then get cancelled or postponed, it’s actually been good. In hindsight, it’s all working out just fine.

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