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Legendary German alcohol soaked thrash metal act Tankard are currently working on the follow-up to their highly acclaimed 2014 album, ‘R.I.B.’. 

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The story of Tankard is an exceptional one: the thrash metal force from Frankfurt, Germany has been around since the early 80’s, spearheading a wave of German thrash bands who became successful worldwide (Kreator, Destruction, Sodom…). And while a lot of other bands struggled, split up or came back for reunions, Tankard never had these problems. They have always been there. And they’ve kept their worldwide fan base for all of these years, delivering strong album after strong album. When you think of beer and thrash metal, the name Tankard is the resounding response.

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The guys entered Gernhart Studios in Troisdorf with producer Martin Buchwalter (Destruction, Accuser, Perzonal WarSuidakra, etc.) earlier this month. The guitars, bass and drums are already done – and right now Gerre is lending his voice to the soundtrack of their 35th anniversary!

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Vocalist Gerre stated:

At the moment I have 7 songs ready! It’s a great pleasure to work with Martin for the very first time! He really kicks my ass, so I have a lot of work to do! I really look forward to having a great result to celebrate our 35th birthday with, in a reasonable way!
Senile with style!

Today (January 18th), the band has unveiled more details on their new album: the record is planned for a 2017 spring/summer release via Nuclear Blast and will be called ‘One Foot In The Grave’. The cover artwork will once again be created by Patrick Strogulski, who’s a student of Sebastian Krüger, the recent artwork designer of Tankard.

More info coming soon… stay tuned!

Their current album ‘R.I.B.’ (Rest In Beer) was released June 20, 2014 via Nuclear Blast. You can order your copy here by clicking the graphic link below.



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