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Galway’s Ropemaker release second single, ‘Paean’ ahead of their full length LP, ‘Interwoven’. 

Ropemaker’s new single ‘Paean’ is another slab of contemporary progressive Metal that hits the senses from the outset with a low-end brutal bass line, before some Gojira-like riffing takes hold.

Drawing influences from the likes of early Mastodon, Gojira, Pelican, Keelhaul, Russian Circles, and Mono, multi-instrumentalist, Dave Slattery, enrolled the talents of former IIenkus (Galway-based Metallic Hardcore) drummer, Rory Guyett for an instrumental album, packed with monolithic riffs, unpredictable arrangements, and balls-out HEAVY!

Speaking of the track, Slattery says; “The inspiration from this track comes from my love of doom and sludge metal. Bands like YOB, Crowbar, and Pelican have been favourites over the years. Doom metal places an emphasis on simplicity groove, and emotion which is are cornerstones of the genre, and these traits are hopefully represented in this track.”

Access the new single below:

Originally from Portarlington, Laois, Slattery began working on his debut album back in 2019 in Galway, where he has resided since 2004. The debut LP, entitled ‘Interwoven’ features eight brutal cuts of majestic technical, progressive-death compositions that delve into his psyche, resulting in a body of work that stands tall among todays flourishing underground Irish Metal scene.

What once began as a post-rock oriented project with Guyett, Slattery felt a growing disconnect with the music, and decided to steer his creativity in a much heavier style, to which he states; “I had been an avid Metalhead for twenty five years, and decided to put something together, that is far heavier, and more musically challenging than anything I had attempted previously”.

With the album set for release on February 24th, the first single, ‘Blue Fire For Bones’ listen above] sparked curiosity for this new project from fans of Technical Progressive Metal, as well as some critics who praised the energy and innovation of Ropemaker’s unusual sound.

Interwoven’ will be available from February 24th, via all popular streaming platforms.

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