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Following the release of their debut album, ‘Enivid Creatures’ and previous single, ‘I bhFolach’, masked Irish Technical Melo-Death force, The Sluagh reveal ‘128’ with classically scored B-side, ‘128 (EC2)’. 

Photo – Anamaria Meiu

Speaking of the single the band commented:

Kicking the door in at 240bpm, our new single’128’, taken from ‘Enivid Creatures 1’, is composed with a mix of vulgarity and finesse. With choirs, blast-beats, tech guitar riffs and guttural vocals, the track was written with the intention of dragging the listener on their face for over five minutes of aural brutality.

Alongside sweeping guitar solos and contrasting orchestral melodies 128 is a broad, full landscape of sound that opens the ‘Enivid Creatures’ album with a fast, and very heavy punch.

Being two sides of the same coin, ‘128’ from the ‘Enivid Creatures 2’ album shines a light on the melodic face of the project. Showcasing the choirs and orchestral arrangements that sit behind the weight of the bands performance. ‘128 EC2’ shows a great contrast in the elements that contribute to the bands sound.”

Check out both versions of ‘128‘ below:

More info…

The Sluagh are a progressive symphonic death metal band from Ireland formed with their current members in 2019. The name is derived from mythological creatures, ‘Sluagh na marbh’, in Gaelic folklore. Said to be composed of the souls of the dead, usually this army would appear similar to a flock of birds before a person was taken by them.

A five-piece band originating in Ireland, most of the members are from international backgrounds and consists of three guitarists, Seán Blacklock (Ireland), Killian Chellar (Ireland), Avinash Appadoo (Mauritius), bassist Krzysztof Sowa (Poland), and vocalist Jorge Nino (Colombia).

As of 2022, The Sluagh have released two versions of their debut LP, titled ‘Enivid Creatures’. One is the traditional version and the other is classically scored version.

Significant experimentation began at the onset of writing both albums, drawing inspiration from both classical composers while also strongly influenced by technical and progressive metal bands.

The Sluagh are currently writing material new material and gearing up for some live shows later in the year.

Check out the previous single ‘I bhFolach’ below.

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Photo by Anamaria Meiu

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