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To mark the first anniversary of the US Capital Insurrection, Testament guitarist Alex Skolnick  unveiled his ‘Hu$h Money’ project featuring himself and Kimmy “Kimmy G” Gordon along with a new single, ‘B.I.G L.I.E.’

Following the release of Skolnick’s first rap single, ‘Trump Sucks,’ followed by ‘Wear A Fucking Mask‘ last year, the Testament guitarist clearly has something to say when it comes to American politics.

In his new video, Skolnick has debuted his new rap group, Hu$h Money, and shared the video for the track ‘B.I.G. L.I.E.’.  He is joined by comic, J-Hype (Jonathan Hyppolite) and Karl Lake, best known as “Robot Guy” from Chappelle’s Show, making for a slightly quirky, but tongue-in-cheek experience, to which Skolnick is clearly having fun and not taking himself too seriously.

Check out the video below:

It’s not the first time Skolnick has ventured outside the Metal universe to enjoy and explore other creative pastures, as his critically-acclaimed Jazz project continues to be another facet of creativity for the skilled guitarist other than his long-standing position in Testament.

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