THE HERETIC ORDER – ‘There is simply not enough media support for Metal in general!” Count Marcel Le Vay

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Self-declared as one of the UK’s most evil bands, The Heretic Order are basking in the glory of their sophomore release ‘Evil Rising’ which crept into the universe back in June via Massacre Records. Overdrive caught up with guitarist Count Marcel Le Vay to discuss the current UK metal scene, tour dates and much more.

Battling against the mainstream and the lack of venues that cater for the punter who cherishes the heavier and darker side of music, The Heretic Order’s Count Marcel Le Vay talks about the current state of the UK metal scene, the bands’ new album ‘Evil Rising’ and much more.

OD – Firstly let me congratulate you on “Evil Rising”. The period from “All Hail to the Order’ (2015) until now has been three years. Did you take some time off or did the writing begin or in some cases never stop with The Heretic Order?

MARCEL – A few songs were written straight after “All Hail..” was released but I would say the bulk of the material was written throughout late 2016/2017 and over the last year we spent that going over the finishing touches on the album.

OD – Tell me about the relationship with Massacre Records. I’m guessing that this is a relationship where above all, there is an understanding of what exactly you guys do?

MARCEL – Yes, totally. We were in talks with Massacre on the first album which was just a one album deal and we went back with them and got a better deal this time (laughing). I have to say, it makes such a huge difference when you have a label behind you that truly understands what we are about and especially the fact that they back our decisions, that’s a huge thing in my books.

They are a German label and we had been offered a few things in Europe and that’s when Massacre will step in and give us their advice which is great as we really don’ have that much experience in Europe and to know that they are there to watch our back and guide us to the best opportunities, that’s a huge bonus.

OD – There have been many, many genres of metal but always, seems to come back around to the classic influence and sound with so many bands. Do you find that there is a more concentrated widespread appreciation for a more classic sounding metal band in 2018 rather than say 2008?

MARCEL – I really don’t care to be honest. If I like the music and then find out that it’s ‘Djent‘ or ‘Post-Hardcore Sludge‘ or something like that, I don’t really care. It’s all about the fact that if it’s good, then it’s good, regardless of what genre it is. I don’t need a sub-genre to tell me how good something is, it might work for some people but not for me.

OD – Having been together now for 4 years, getting your sophomore album out is quite impressive. Do you find that things are considerably harder for bands to break the scene more and more these days?

MARCEL – It is harder now for sure. The scene is overflooding with bands that are not necessarily good but just are kind of clogging up the scene. Also, there are lots of promoters that are just interested in cover their costs and not really doing anything to put back into the metal scene. You know what I’m talking about? They don’t really promote the show correctly and will just do something as basic as putting a post on Facebook, thinking that’s sufficient and it couldn’t be more unproductive.

On the other hand, there are plenty of great promoters out there putting on these shows at a loss and they just keep trying and trying. Those people are keeping live heavy music alive in your local scene and they need to be recognised for doing that.

Since I’ve been in a band, there have always been good promoters and bad ones, and I’m pretty sure that it’s always going to be like that. The only thing that has really changed is the fact that there are fewer venues on offer and it’s becoming quite difficult to put tour dates together because so many of the venues have closed. I’ve noticed that when we did our last tour, a lot of the venues we performed in had so many cover bands booked to play rather than bands playing original material. That’s such a shame.

OD – With regards to touring, there have been little adventures outside of the UK and I can only imagine that it’s based on the financial aspect that’s involved. With this new album out now, can we expect to see a more concise list of dates coming up soon?

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MARCEL – We just want to play as many shows in as many countries as possible. I have friends that are from all over the place telling me to check out this band and that band. In fact, one of my friends keeps telling me about the metal scene in Ireland which I believe is in great form at the moment. Touring wise we are doing some special Halloween show on October 26th which I can’t wait for. (Click here for more details.)

OD – One of the big things that grabbed our attention with The Heretic Order is the tremendous theatrics of your performances. There are not enough bands doing this today and I’m sure there are budget restrictions but given all the money in the world, do you have a dream stage production that you would like to share with us?

MARCEL – Ahh yes, we’ve day-dreamed about having an unlimited budget for some outrageous live shows (laughing).With all the subjects and images that we have going on in the music, it could very well be an endless show!

OD – Given the chance, who would you like to tour with the most and why?

MARCEL – I would love to tour with King Diamond! I think it would be too close for comfort to be honest (laughing). I saw them a while back in The Forum in London and it was incredible. I was stage crew for that gig and remember that they couldn’t fit all the stuff on the stage that they wanted to because their production was just way too big. It was insane.

OD – With regards to the metal scene in the UK, do you find that it’s maintaining its position of popularity or is it becoming more of an elusive movement as there is literally no mainstream support any more?

MARCEL – I really don’t think the UK metal scene is doing that great, to be honest. Especially in the last few years. I really have to think of a big British metal band that has risen up from the club scene on to the international stage. There is just not enough media support for metal in general, which is a huge shame.

There are a few bands that gave it a go, such as Bullet For My Valentine, which in a weird way, I consider to be kind of veterans almost as they have been around for the last 13 years!! That’s just crazy to think! There have been a few bands afterwards that kind of made it but have since broken up and are not around anymore.

OD – Finally, tell me one of the most important albums in your collection and why?

MARCEL – I would have to say Pink FloydWish You Were Here“. I could listen to that forever and not get tired of it. It’s been in my life for as long as I can remember and is just an incredible album.

The Heretic Order – “Evil Rising” is out now via Massacre Records.

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