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It’s not every day that one of the biggest metal bands in the world suddenly drops the hammer on one of their members, but in true Slipknot behavior, this is exactly what happened to drummer Jay Weinberg. 

Since his sudden departure from the band last week, the speculation has been growing as to who will replace Weinberg, so we compiled a list of three possible candidates…

No 1 – At the top of the list is present Sepultura drummer, Eloy Casagrande as the new addition to the band (see video below).

Despite Eloy being the current drummer for Sepultura, the band’s touring schedule may allow Casagrande to double duty for Slipknot (although highly likely), but you just never know. Life is stranger than fiction…

There is no question that Eloy could handle the intense skillset that’s required for Slipknot as he’s regarded as one of the world’s most proficient metal drummers and has a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to touring.

Check out Eloy in action performing a drum cover of ‘People = Shit‘ below…

No. 2 – A second option for replacing Weinberg, is a lot more closer to the Slipknot family with the current Vended drummer and son of Slipknot founding member, Clown.

Simon Crahan has been raised on Slipknot and could very well be the next candidate for the job despite being only 19 years old.

Check Crahan in action performing ‘Anti-Body‘ live at Knotfest below…

No. 3 – Jorge Garrido, aka,El Estepario Siberiano” is a 24-year-old drummer from Valencia, Spain. He creates incredible drum content across YouTube, Twitch, and Instagram and his following is growing exponentially.

Currently, he is one of the most popular Spanish drummers online, if not on planet Earth as his audience has grown from a couple of hundred thousand to over three million in the last year.

El Estepario Siberiano recently disclosed information regarding his channel having “less content” due to his involvement with a new band. Check out his skills below as he covers ‘Duality‘.

If you’ve not had the pleasure of viewing any of his mind-boggling drum videos, then let us shed some light on the phenomenal skill of this guy…

Slipknot announced that they had parted ways with drummer Jay Weinberg on November 5th in an unexpected post on their socials which they later deleted.

The band stated they had; “decided to make a creative decision, and to part ways with Jay” with no further explanation. Now Weinberg has issued his statement on the matter, saying he was heartbroken and blindsided to receive the call, but is massively appreciative of all the fans for their support.

In his full statement, Weinberg says; “I sometimes wonder what it would be like to pay a visit to my wide-eyed, 10-year-old self falling head over heels in love with a new and exciting sound and culture – and tell him all about the last 10 years,” he explained. “Even on the hardest days, I’d like to think he’d be stoked about the adventure that was in store for him.

I was heartbroken and blindsided to receive the phone call that I did on the morning of November 5th; the news of which, most of you learned shortly after. However, I’ve been overwhelmed by — and truly grateful for the outpouring of love and support I’ve received from this incredible community I consider to be my creative and artistic home.

This is not the ending to the journey I’d dreamt of and committed myself to seeing through not by a long shot. But, despite the confusion and sadness, there is something that’s provided an equal amount of comfort. For many of you reading this: 10 years ago, we weren’t yet acquainted. And now, we are. For that, I’m thankful in ways I’ll never be able to fully express.

“I love playing the drums. I’ll always love playing the drums. I’ll always have a passion for music, art, and creative expression. Nothing will ever change that.

I don’t know how, and I don’t know when, but I look forward to creating loud, passionate, and heartfelt music that we enjoy together again. Until then, please know it’s been the joy of a lifetime to spend the last 10 years with you, sharing in our love for this special corner of the music and art world.

This isn’t the end, and I’m thrilled to discover what the future has in store for us. Thank you.


Slipknot has not yet announced a replacement for Weinberg. Weinberg joined Slipknot in 2014, replacing founding drummer Joey Jordison who had left the band in 2013. This isn’t the first shakeup to Slipknot’s lineup this year either, with the band having parted ways with sampler and keyboardist Craig “133” Jones as well.

Slipknot are scheduled to perform at 2024’s ‘Rockville‘ Festival next May in Florida.

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